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A man cave is not a man cave if it does not have all the right lighting fixtures. Yes, Dad’s own special nook in the house should be adequately lit so that he can enjoy doing the stuff that he loves in his free time. Then again, a man cave without proper lighting is merely a cave. 

Basically, man caves are dim. However, this does not mean that the men in the house have to put up with dark interiors because they are lord of the cave. This means that man caves should have solid ambient lighting. The light can come from ceiling fixtures or pendant lights. These light fixtures provide enough illumination without the glare. Thus, Dad can relax in his own space without being bothered by harsh light that strains the eye.

Rope lights and tape lights are also good for a man cave. Rope lights look great behind the TV set as they provide illumination to diffuse the brightness of the TV screen. On the other hand, tape lights can be placed on the bar or can be used to outline the pool table.

A man cave should also have some task lighting. Additionally, man caves with pool tables definitely need accent lighting. This is for Dad’s collection of jerseys, sports posters, and trophies he has won over the years. Wall sconces can highlight these things to give the cave Dad’s personal touch.

The bottom line

A man cave should have proper lighting for it to be a man’s own private and relaxing nook in the house. Hence, a man cave should be dim but not pitch black. It should have the mood that lets Dad chill out when he gets home from work.

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