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Wall Sconce Lighting

Browsing our selection of indoor decorative wall sconces, you'll find hundreds of options covering every interior design concept and complementing any personal preference. Add a wall sconce or pocket to your walls to add main lighting or as an accent light complementing your existing light fixtures. Wall sconce lighting is the ideal choice to add extra light to any room.


Wall sconces are a small wall fixture commonly found in hallways and bathrooms, or any place where a little extra light can brighten a dark area. The definition of a wall sconce is that it should sit out of the way, light the whole area with mostly indirect lighting, and be attractive.

Nearby the bed, a sconce makes an excellent reading lamp. Lining a hallway or adorning a foyer, wall sconce lighting is attractive and easy to maintain. Sconce Lights sit close to the wall so that they are out of your way. 


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