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Changing the look of an old lamp is easier than you might think with the use of our slip on light covers. These items fit over old lamp shades to protect them from dirt and wear, while also giving your lamp a brand new style to complement the look of any room. There is no need to replace the shade entirely; simply slip on a lamp shade slip cover and enjoy a brand new looking lamp in seconds. When you are ready to switch back, it is just as easy to slip off.

These items are form fitting and stretch to match any size and shape of shade. They are an inexpensive way to update the look of your lamp, and they can extend the life of any shade by years. They are machine washable so care is simple and quick, which helps slip-on light covers remain a top choice for keeping lamps looking clean and neat. Check out our quality products at a guaranteed low price!

A new  light cover will upgrade your favorite lamp. With an assist from LampsUSA, you can quickly select the right lampshade cover and be confident in your selection. slip-on covers come in several sizes, so be sure to measure your existing shade.

A new lamp shade slip cover will help you quickly update your room to match your favorite style home decor. Customers love shade covers because they will instantly change your lamp and can slip off just as easy as slip on.

Because shade covers are a personal expression, choose a reputable manufacturer.

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