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New Lamp Shades

A lamp shade sits on top of your lamp base. The shade has a practical function of shielding your eyes from direct light, while also diffusing and softening the light. A colorful lampshade can also tint the light in your room as the light passes through it.

When your lamp is missing a shade, or your shade is old, damaged or dirty, it is very easy to find replacement lamp shades. Cheap lamp shades are readily available as well as high quality lampshades.

At LampsUSA you will find quality lamp shades for sale, lightshades for floor lamps and table lamps, and a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes of light shades.

Lamp Shades for Table Lamps

Table lamp shades add a decorative and functional touch to any table lamp. Lamp shades for table lamps typically are bell-shaped shades, drum lampshades and empire lamp shades.

You can match the shape of the lamp shade to the shape of the table lamp by looking at whether your lamp has curves or straight lines or ornate shapes.

Most table lamp shades measure 16" at the bottom or less. How to measure a lampshade is to measure the height of your table lamp base up to below the socket, and then your shade should be approximately the same width.

Lamp Shades for Floor Lamps

To replace a lamp shade for a floor lamp, consider that floor lamp shades need to be generally larger due to the height of the lamp. Often floor lampshades are in the range of 16" to 20" or more width.

Consider also the style of your lamp, whether it looks modern or more traditional. Drum lamp shades tend to suit modern lamps, while bell curved or empire shades with sloped sides often suit traditional lamps better.

Small Lamp Shades

Sometimes lamps can be smaller, perhaps in the range of 8 to 12 inches or a little larger. Instead of looking for large lamp shades you'll want to find a small lampshade to suite the size of the lamp.

Chandelier Shades

Lamp shades are not only used on lamps, but also some ceiling lights. Chandeliers for example often feature bare candle bulbs which need mini clip on lamp shades to cover it. You'll need a full set of chandelier lampshades to cover each arm of the chandelier.

Chandelier shades are typically quite small, smaller even than those used on most lamps. Mini lamp shades might only be 4-7 inches in width.

Drum Lamp Shades

An increasingly popular type of lampshade is the drum lamp shade. A drum shade has usually straight vertical sides, and the same or or almost the same dimension at the top as at the bottom. Another word for these is a cylinder or chimney lamp shade.

Drum shades are well suited to modern-looking lamps and lamps with clean lines or rectangular shapes. They are also increasingly popular for use as pendant light shades, although you need to be sure they will have the appropriate fitter to attach to it.

Glass Lamp Shades

Some lamps require a glass lamp shade. Finding replacement glass shades can be difficult. Also some lamps utilize a reflector bowl. The bowl-shaped glass sits inside the lamp shade and helps to reflect and diffuse light. Glass light shades are usually used on lamps specifically designed for them, and also some older lamp styles.

Rectangular Lamp Shades

The shape of the lamp shade should ideally complement the shape of the base. For example a rectangular looking lamp may be well suited to a rectangular lamp shade or a drum shade whose profile looks rectangular.

Rectangular lamp shades usually look like a rectangle when viewed from above, and typically have straight vertical sides. But sometimes square lamp shades may have a different side-profile, such as a bell or empire, and yet when looking at the lampshade from above it will look like a square. Otherwise most lamp shades are round/circular.

Lamp Shade Accessories

Don't forget to accessorize your lamp shade! There are many lamp finials available in a wide variety of styles to match most lamps. Also if your lamp needs a new harp fitter or some other way to attach the shade to the lamp, we have some lamp harps and fitters for you.

Replacing a lamp shade is as simple as removing the finial or cap that holds it in place, positioning the new shade on top of the lamp fitter, and reapplying the finial.

Lamp Shade Colors

Match the color of your lamp shade to your lamp base or color scheme. Lamp shade color can add a splash of color to your room or disappear into the room depending on how much they contrast against your surroundings.

Popular lamp shade colors include black lamp shades, blue or red lamp shades, purple and pink lamp shades, and also of course white lampshades.

Buy a new lamp shade

Most lamp shades are fabric lamp shades, since the fabric allows the light to pass through. You will also find lined or hardback lamp shades which intentionally reflect and block the light in order to direct it out through the ends of the shade more, depending on how you want to direct and use the light.

At LampsUSA we feature mini chandelier, small, regular and large lamp shades designed to complement lamps of all sizes and styles, and at a price you can afford. 

For more help learning about types of lamp shades, how to measure for the right size, and everything else relating to lampshades, consult our extensive lamp shades buyer's guide.




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