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Howard Miller
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Mission Or Prairie Howard Miller

View all howard-miller Incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality, and a quest for perfection. These are three things that Howard Miller wanted his products to show right from the very beginning. It all started in 1926 when he was still 21 years old.

Early on, Howard Miller has show to have the makings of a clockmaker. His father has taught his the art of clock making and has become a visionary with a knack at innovation, spawning from a tradition of excellence, handed down three generations. With each product that they create, the unique quality and artistic talent is clearly reflected.

The early products of Howard Miller were initially for retirements, anniversaries, and weddings. Overtime, though, they have expanded to additional line offerings to cater to more customers. Today, they have clocks and furniture pieces for homes and businesses. They have hundreds of clocks, collector’s cabinets, and everything in between.

Now 70 years after, Howard Miller is more than just telling the time. Their collections also tell the whole world of that you are a person who greatly appreciated fine design and good furniture. From traditional clocks to fashion-forward home pieces, you should find something that will suit your needs and personality perfectly.
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$3,532.90    $5,047.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Seville Floor Clock Black Coffee 611032

+Free Shipping
$922.60    $1,318.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Samuel Watson Mantel Clock Windsor Cherry 612429

+Free Shipping
$354.20    $506.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Gerrit Wall Clock Black Coffee 625379

+Free Shipping
$58.80    $84.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Windsor Carriage Table-top Clock Brass 645530

+Free Shipping
$255.50    $365.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Candice Mantel Clock Windsor Cherry 635131

+Free Shipping
$134.40    $192.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Templeton Tabletop Clock Rosewood 645673

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$238.00    $340.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Fables Wall Clock Oak Yorkshire 613239

+Free Shipping
$36.40    $52.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Cooper Table-top Clock Polished Chrome and Silver 645643

$192.50    $275.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Fairview Table-top Clock Polished Brass 645622

+Free Shipping
$817.60    $1,168.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Lynton Mantel Clock Windsor Cherry 613182

+Free Shipping
$715.40    $1,022.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Graham Bracket Mantel Clock Windsor Cherry 612437

+Free Shipping
$3,372.60    $4,818.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Greene Grandfather Clock Heritage Oak 610804

+Free Shipping

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