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Halogen Lights Page 13

Halogen Lights offer bright light where you need it Featuring a bright white light, halogen lights are great for illuminating a wider area and providing intense light for close-up tasks. What is halogen lighting? Halogen Lights feature a special kind of incandescent light bulb featuring a `halogen` gas. The halogen bulb can operate at higher temperatures and maintain its bright clarity for a long time.

Although Halogen Light Fixtures run hotter than normal lights, they provide a consistently bright light which really helps light up your room. Because they run hot, care must be taken to not touch the bulb with bodily oils, otherwise the bulb may break. The life of a halogen light can be extended by running it on a dimmer and not at its full intensity.

During normal running, halogen light fixtures give you a brightness that's hard to match with any other kind of bulb. Halogen lights produce a continuous spectrum of light all the way from near ultra-violet to infra-red. This allows a higher color temperature, producing a whiter/bluer light. Add a halogen lamp or halogen light fixture to your room and you'll enjoy the bright light for years to come.
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