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Blue Max Full Spectrum Desk Lamps

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Broad Spectrum LED Gives way to Full Spectrum Lighting

Broad spectrum LED lighting has been around a while. Advances in broad spectrum LED lighting has lead to the development of products like full spectrum LED Desk Lamps. The difference is the kind of light produced. Broad spectrum LED lights give off a noticeable light, while full spectrum lights produce UV and infrared light in addition to noticeable white light.

Benefits of full spectrum light

The benefits of full spectrum light are noticeable, especially on dark and gloomy days. One of the primary benefits of full spectrum light is the combat of seasonal affective disorder. In other words, the benefits of full spectrum light include saving you from winter's gloom. 

  • Other benefits of full spectrum light include:
  • uses up to 75% less energy
  • stays cool
  • warm light
  • startling clarity of light

Full spectrum Desk Lamps are the ideal companion for your home or office desk. These energy saving lamps go by many different names: balanced spectrum, natural spectrum, natural sunlight, daylight spectrum, or any combination of these. 

Bright Reader Full Spectrum Desk Lamps

Easily read every word (even the small print) with the Bright Reader LED Office Desk Lamp or EZ Reader. 65 high powered light emitting diode lights deliver 1,122 lumens of full spectrum light, the perfect light for reading or hobbies because it improves contrast without glare, allowing your eyes to see better. Intelligent design features make this the ultimate desktop lamp. Instant-on, flicker-free LED light bulbs reduce eye strain and the fatigue you used to get from old fluorescent bulbs. 6,400 K natural daylight will energize your work and keep you on task for hours. A soft white diffuser prevents sharp glare and our thoughtful Low-Off-High switch on the head lets you adjust the light for any environment.

These Blue max full spectrum desk lamps give you natural balanced full spectrum light - the perfect book light or for focusing needle work. A full spectrum desk lamp is especially useful because it is "portable" light that gives perfect glare-free light where you need it most.

A Blue max natural spectrum desk lamp gives you great task light for reading, studying, or hand work. See colors and details only possible in natural sunlight. BlueMax believes in promoting healthy lifestyle practices that result in a better human experience. By using bulbs that occupy the same light spectrum as sunlight, their full spectrum desk lamps enable users to overcome seasonal affective disorder. Have you ever? noticed how your energy drops once winter comes? BlueMax full spectrum desk lamps help overcome that phenomenon and allow you to have a happier life.

You might choose a full spectrum desk lamp rather than a regular desk lamp if you want better glare-free light and to reduce eye strain.

Over the 8,000 hour life of these full spectrum bulbs, you will save energy and up to $80 in electricity! We are proud to offer Blue max  full spectrum desk lamps to provide glare-free light which will reduce eye strain caused by bad lighting. LampsUSA offers dozens of full spectrum desk lamps to help you find that perfect desk lamp you are looking for. 

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Blue Max BlueMax 1-Light Full Spectrum Desk Lamp White BL70FSDLWV2

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Blue Max Open Box BlueMax 1-Light Full Spectrum Desk Lamp White BL70FSDLWV2OPEN

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