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Ceiling Medallions Page 5

Ceiling Medallions

A light fixture medallion is a great finishing touch to create a richer, more detailed look. Most chandelier medallions are installed above the dining room or foyer chandelier. When combined with crown molding, ceiling fan medallions can help create a stunning room.

Most 52" Ceiling fans look great with a 20"-28" medallion. LampsUSA has the lowest prices on high quality medallions. Feel confident when you shop, knowing that you are going to find a great deal.

A ceiling fan medallion will provide a more elegant look to your ceiling light fixture. They provide attractive design features that draw eyes to your lighting choice.

Ceiling medallions have a specific role to play in your home. Bring your ceiling to life with our stunning medallions. They are a perfect way to transform boring ceilings and create a sensational sophisticated focal point in the center of any room. See what kind of options are vendors can provide for you.

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