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Art Glass describes the usage of crafted glass that features a hand-made look and feel, and is popular in table lamps, accent lamps, pendants, and chandeliers. Hand blown glass shades of today can have a classic old-world or modern style and design. If you are searching for a unique and expressive one of a kind piece of lighting, custom looking art glass may be just what you need.

Classy and bold, put the light where you want it with these fine art-glass masterpieces. Hand-blown art-glass shades range from dazzling colors to soothing textures. Add art glass pendant lighting to your home or business today with our huge selection of pendant light fixtures.

Art Glass ##category## utilize fantastic ##shade-color## colors and dynamic shapes to express unique design features. Often hand-blown, each piece of art-glass is often custom made, meaning you get a quality ##body-color## ##category-singular## with a hand-made look.
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