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Black All Table Lamps

So, you've got a nice new table and you want to make sure you put the right lamp on a table. Look no further, this collection has about 3,000 options for you to choose from and put the right accent lamp on a table, a desk, a dresser or more.

Home table lamps are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. They tend to range from 20 to 34 inches in height in a variety of shapes and styles.

Our extensive selection of table-lamps provides enough inspiration to spark ideas for every room and style of decor.

At Lamps USA, we remain committed to our goal of bringing you the best lighting at the lowest price and we offer a 120% price match guarantee.

Black Table lamps are a great source of light and are often found lighting many rooms. When you put a lamp on a table you create a conversation piece and a style all your own. 

Black Living room decor often includes putting a lamp on a table because table lamps look great beside your couch and provide comfortable light for reading and watching TV. One of the great living room lighting ideas is to add to your living room lighting by placing some lamps for living rooms beside the couch or in a corner.

Living room lamps need to match your living room decor. It's good to know if your personal or room style is contemporary modern, casual, or more traditional. Table lamps are available in a wide variety of styles to suit any room.

These Black table lamps become your best friends for reading and providing a warm glow by your favorite chair. A table lamp is especially useful because it is "portable" light that goes where you need it most.

You might choose a Black table lamp for your room rather than a floor lamp or pendant if you have spare table space and you want to save some money, as table lamps are generally less expensive.

Home lamps don't have to be expensive. Home table lamps can be cheap lamps! Our lamps are designed to be high-quality yet affordable.

Black Bedside Lighting

Table lamps for bedrooms provide intimate, soft lighting for when you're reading in bed or preparing for sleep. Bedside lamps can function as nightstand lamps or simply to fill out the bedroom light.

Add Black bedroom lamps at your bedside which you'll be able to switch on and off without getting out of bed. Bedside lamps will include a switch on the socket or cord which you can easily reach. Position bedside table lamps at either side of the bed so both of you can see.

A bedside table lamp makes a great addition to any bedroom and a bedside reading lamp will help you finish that novel into the early hours.

Black Living Rooms Tables

Table lamps for living rooms should always include a set of table lamps. The living room is a great room for entertaining guests or just relaxing. Living room table lamps are usually positioned next to a couch or seating area, allowing ample table light for reading, watching TV or discussing your recent experiences.

Another popular option if you don't have chair-side end tables is to position living room table lamps in the corners of the room to softly light the background. Living room lights are always attractive yet functional, so consider how much light you need. Add a second or third table lamp for larger rooms.

Black Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany style lamps feature beautiful colored art glass pieces, creating intricate patterns of colorful light. Tiffany table lamps are a work of art to cherish and hand down for generations. When you choose Tiffany style lamps you are choosing high-quality workmanship and one-of-a-kind lighting. You'll love your new Tiffany lamp.

Dale Tiffany Collection

Tiffany lamps have a long tradition and will become a talking point with your guests. We have beautiful Tiffany lamps for sale including Dale Tiffany dragonfly table lamps and a varied selection of Dale Tiffany table lamps. 

Stained glass lamps glow with beautiful colors when lit, featuring often hundreds of pieces of art-glass in an incredible design. You will love your Tiffany table lamp for years to come.

Black Lamp Sets

Our table lamp sets include a table lamps set of 2 by Ashley lamps. With many lamp sets to choose from, your new table lamp pair will look great together.

See all of our table lamp sets to save big on a set of 2 or more lamps. Some of our sets are even a floor and table lamp set.

Position a pair of lamps on either side of a couch, or in corners of a room, on your bedside tables or night stands, or in your office reception area to greet your guests.

Lamp sets for living rooms and bedroom lamps set of 2 add a cost-effective balance to your room. Add a table lamp set to your room today.

Black LED Table Lamps

LED table lamps are the new frontier in table lights. LED lights for home couple a highly energy-efficient LED-based light bulb with an attractive designer table lamp.

Save money with LED table lamps. LED lights save an incredible amount of energy and cost compared to incandescent lights, and last far longer. They may be a little more expensive at first, but they represent a huge savings over time, providing many years of bright light.

Add an LED bedside lamp or LED living room lamp to your room today and think of it as an investment. A little more up-front will pay off in reduced electricity bills and far fewer trips to buy new bulbs.

Buffet Lamps

Buffet lamps offer a practical solution to narrow hallways and slim furniture. Designed to be tall and narrow in order to stand on a buffet table, nightstand or narrow hallway table, buffet table lamps are great in a confined space.

In order to complement their narrow profile, buffet lamps and tall table lamps tend to feature much taller proportions and are usually taller than standard table lamps.

What's your style?

For a modern table lamp look, see our Contemporary table lamps.

For a less edgy and more laid-back, casual or comfortable look, see our Casual table lamps.

For a more traditional classic look, try our antique table lamps or traditional table lamps.

Other popular styles include European table lamps, Lamps for kids (including childrens' table lamps and novelty lamps), Mission style lamps, Restoration lamps and Rustic lamps. Rustic table lamps look great in a nature-themed, earthy room. European table lamps look great in a fancy, ornate-themed room.

A black all table lamp provides a commanding contrast, to accent a similarly bold room. A black complements most color-schemes, but especially those with a modern, clean style. Designers are using more black all table lamps because black blends with every color scheme.
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Top All Table Lamps
$660.60    $1,100.99 Custom Made

Meyda Tiffany 25"h Arts and Crafts Dome 2-Light Table Lamp Black 31278

+Free Shipping
$96.99    $142.99 In Stock

Signature Design Set of 2 Mitzi Table Lamps Black/Silver L417294

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$109.99    $169.99 In Stock

Signature Design Sinda Table Lamp Set L328984

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$109.99    $159.99 A few left!

Signature Design Simeron Table Lamp Set L205254

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$97.45    $145.99 In Stock

Signature Design Set of 2 Rosetta Table Lamps Black/Silver L422294

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$169.99    $199.99 0 left!

Signature Design Sharalin Table Lamp Set L287904

+Free Shipping
$106.97    $159.30 A few left!

Lite Source OPEN BOX 31"h Uptown Retro Table Lamp Black LS-21426BLK/WHT-OPEN

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$102.00    $148.99 0 left!

Lite Source Earleen 1-Light Table Lamps Black LS22744

+Free Shipping
$89.99    $113.00 In Stock

Signature Design Synda Table Lamp Set L276334

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$80.00    $115.99 In Stock

Lite Source 1-Light Remigio Table Lamp Black Leather LS21282BLKBLK

+Free Shipping
$170.00    $254.99 In Stock

Dimond 36"h Corvallis 1-Light Table Lamp Clear/Polished Nickel D2309

+Free Shipping
$329.99    $494.99 In Stock

Dale Tiffany 31"h Haskey Tiffany Table Lamp Antique Black Verde TT101014

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$198.00    $296.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light 3-Way Table Lamp Black Mercury Drip 983003

+Free Shipping
$218.00    $326.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light 3-Way Table Lamp Gloss Black D2592

+Free Shipping
$197.00    $295.99 In Stock

Lite Source Brenton 1-Light Table Lamp Aged Black LS22526

+Free Shipping
$315.60    $526.00 In Stock

Surya 1-Light 3-Way Table Lamp Aged Black LMP1025

+Free Shipping
$188.00    $281.99 In Stock

Dimond Eastbourne 1-Light LED Table Lamp Matte Black D2541LED

+Free Shipping
$180.00    $269.99 A few left!

Dimond Sanyan 1-Light LED 3-Way Table Lamp Gloss Black D1713LED

+Free Shipping
$170.00    $254.99 In Stock

Dimond 34"h Josephine 1-Light Table Lamp Black/Gold Leaf 91365

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$169.99    $280.99 In Stock

Stein World Powell 3-Light Set of 3 Lamps Brushed Black 97924

+Free Shipping
$110.00    $164.99 A few left!

Signature Design 1-Light 3-Way Table Lamp Antique Black L207804

+Free Shipping
$345.60    $576.00 In Stock

Surya 1-Light 3-Way Table Lamp Aged Black LMP1038

+Free Shipping
$74.00    $110.99 In Stock

Dimond 15"h Braysford 1-Light Mini Lamp Braysford Black 9391392

+Free Shipping
$248.00    $371.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light 3-Way LED Table Lamp Gloss Black D2592LED

+Free Shipping
$47.79    $88.99 0 left!

Lite Source Nessia 1-Light Table Lamp Black Ceramic LS22313BLK

$43.00    $61.99 In Stock

Lite Source Kick Me 1-Light Fluorescent Table Lamp Soccer Ceramic IK6102

$59.00    $88.99 In Stock

Lite Source Maddox 1-Light Table Lamp Black LS22316

+Free Shipping
$56.00    $80.99 In Stock

Lite Source Reiko 1-Light Fluorescent Table Lamp Black LS21506BLK

+Free Shipping
$94.50    $157.99 In Stock

Lite Source 23"h Aileen 1-Light Table Lamp Black LS22033

+Free Shipping
$248.00    $416.99 In Stock

Kichler 28"h Fretwork 1-Light Table Lamp 70765

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$157.00    $235.99 In Stock

Lite Source 31"h Kenneth 1-Light Table Lamp Black LS22130BLKBLK

+Free Shipping
$63.90    $106.99 0 left!

Lite Source 16"h Tiya Table Lamp Black LS22112BLK

+Free Shipping
$178.00    $266.99 0 left!

Dimond Struthers 1-Light 3-Way Table Lamp Black,White D339

+Free Shipping
$250.00    $374.99 In Stock

Lite Source 33"h Taisiya 4-Light Table Lamp Antique Gold LSF22152

+Free Shipping
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