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Casual All Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps for Home

Casual Floor Lamps add a bright floor light to your living room, bedroom or office. A Casual floor lamp is a standing lamp, standing elegantly on the floor in the corner of a room or next to seating.

At LampsUSA you'll find many beautiful floor lamps including torchiere floor lamps, Tiffany lamps, cheap floor lamps on sale, reading lights and home lamps for almost any room. We also have a great selection of full spectrum floor lamps and reading lights which work great beside a couch or over a chair.

Casual Reading Lights

Add Casual reading lamps to your room and they'll double as room lights and reading lights. Floor lamps for reading provide either an overhead arc lamp or an over-shoulder floor reading lamp. A floor lamp with reading light may also feature an upright torchiere floor lamp with a reading lamp attached. At LampsUSA you'll also find LED reading lights. Be sure to check out our full spectrum reading lamps some of which feature gooseneck lamp designs.

Casual Floor Lamps for Living Rooms

Add a tall lamp to your living room with our Casual living room lamps. Floor lamps for living rooms are tall and free-standing, meaning they can stand in a corner or alongside furniture. Place a living room lamp alongside your favorite armchair and use it as a reading light.

Floor lamps for living room use provide strong light and feature a larger shade to spread the light. Living room lamps include Tiffany floor lamps and also take the form of a torchiere floor lamp.

Casual Bedroom Lamps

Bedside lamps such as floor lamps can make a great addition to your bedroom. With a bedroom floor lamp you can bring ample light to your room while also adding a decorative floor lamp to your decor. Casual Torchiere floor lamps also make a useful bedroom light, directing the torch light toward the ceiling for a softer atmosphere. Perhaps also choose a Tiffany floor lamp for the bedroom to add an extra touch of beauty.

Torchiere Floor Lamps

Casual Torchiere floor lamps are elegant and tall. A torchiere floor lamp always features an uplight shade which reflects most of the floor lamp light toward the ceiling. The light is then reflected indirectly off the ceiling to produce an ambient light. A torchiere can still provide quite bright light, particularly with halogen floor lamps. Often torchieres will feature a reading light arm which extends to the side of the lamp for reading purposes.

Casual Tiffany Floor Lamps

Tiffany style lamps are stained glass lamps featuring many pieces of stained glass built into the lamp shade. These beautiful floor lamps provide colorful illumination when switched on and the light glows through the stained glass.

Add a Casual Tiffany floor lamp to your living room, bedroom or office. A Tiffany floor lamp will be with you for years to come. When you choose your Tiffany floor lamp from LampsUSA, be sure to check out our Tiffany style floor lamps including Dale Tiffany floor lamps, Lite Source floor lamps and Quoizel floor lamps.

Cheap Casual Floor Lamps

At LampsUSA you won't break the bank. Our cheap floor lamps are designed to maintain quality while on a budget. Check out our floor lamps on sale in our lamps sale, and our collection of floor lamps under $100. Cheap lamps aren't necessarily poor quality - they will last for years to come.

Modern Casual Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps are very popular and contemporary floor lamps are among our best selling floor lamps. Modern lamps include our selection of contemporary lamps. Modern floor lamps can be quite funky and often feature metal lamps with unique shades. Take a look at our casual floor lamps for a more laid-back, relaxed style.

Traditional Floor Lamps

At LampsUSA we also have a wide range of traditional, classic, antique-style and vintage-style floor lamps. Traditional floor lamps look great among more classically styled room decor.

Casual LED Floor Lamps

An LED floor lamp is the future. With an LED floor lamp you'll experience the future of lighting with light-emitting diodes, which is electrical lingo for small built-in 'bulbs' which emit a lot of light for a very low wattage.

With LED floor lamps or LED reading lights, you will save a lot of expense on your electrical bill, while also saving having to buy replacement light bulbs because LED floor lamps last for many years.

Popular Floor Lamp brands

Don't miss our Dale Tiffany torchiere floor lamp selection. Dale Tiffany floor lamps are among some of our most popular.

Uttermost floor lamps are also popular stylish lamps.

Choose a Lite Source floor lamp for a wide selection of modern floor lamps.

Also don't forget to see our Quoizel floor lamp selection because Quoizel has some really beautiful floor lamps.

Casual Floor Lamps at LampsUSA

With a huge selection of floor lamps from, discounted and with seemingly endless style choices, you are sure to find just the right designer floor lamp to make your space come to life. A well designed lamp can be a focal point and also serves as a piece of functional art.

When a wall or ceiling mounted light fixture is impractical or unavailable, the perfect choice is a contemporary floor lamp from LampsUSA. Whether the space is in the home or the office, a floor lamp is an attractive and practical alternative, bringing light and warmth to any room.

Consider an octopus floor lamp that is not only a conversation piece, but provides functional and directional light. A favorite reading corner that is too dark can be bathed in the soft light from a floor lamp. Modern floor lamps are a demonstration of personal style that solves most any lighting concerns.

Whatever the style, LampsUSA has the perfect floor lamp to meet any need. Shop for all of your lighting needs as LampsUSA. Find the best selection of floor lamps - art deco, Tiffany, modern, contemporary, and traditional.

These Casual floor lamps stand proudly ready to help you read and providing a warm glow by your favorite chair. A floor lamp is especially useful because it is "portable" floor light that goes where you need it most. Perhaps the most inviting style, Casual designs pride themselves on being simple, innocent, and a team-player. Casual all floor lamps often make great choices alongside a bold design element, because they don't compete for attention. Browse Casual all floor lamps if you are looking for a welcoming, comfortable look.

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$49.99    $119.99 In Stock

Lampsusa Full-Spectrum EZ Reader Floor Lamp Burl ES101BUR

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$119.95    $219.99 A few left!

Verilux Lamps Easy Flex Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp Graphite VF02BB5

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$283.00    $403.99 In Stock

Lite Source Duality II Touchier/Reading Lamp Dark Bronze LS80984DBRZ

+Free Shipping
$165.00    $236.99 In Stock

Lite Source Basics II Halogen Floor Lamp Polished Steel LS80910PS

+Free Shipping
$190.00    $284.99 In Stock

Dimond Stratsburg 1-Light Floor Lamp Polished Nickle D2433

+Free Shipping
$270.00    $404.99 In Stock

Dimond Beaufort 2-Light LED 3-Way Floor Lamp Satin Nickle D2552

+Free Shipping
$427.85    $596.99 In Stock

Arnsberg Caprice 3-Light Floor Lamp Chrome 413110306

+Free Shipping
$75.00    $103.99 In Stock

Lite Source Zett Torchiere Chrome LS8540CWHT

+Free Shipping
$96.00    $136.99 In Stock

Lite Source 71"h Servo Fluorescent Torchiere Black LS9913BLK

+Free Shipping
$133.00    $199.99 In Stock

Signature Design Krish 1-Light Floor Lamp Chrome L734141

+Free Shipping
$249.99    $374.99 A few left!

Dale Tiffany 56"h 1-Light Glass Torchiere Lamp Polished Chrome GF60616

+Free Shipping
$104.00    $148.99 In Stock

Lite Source Servo Fluorescent Torchiere Polished Steel LS9913PS

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$558.00    $836.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light 3-Way Floor Lamp Gold Leaf D2591

+Free Shipping
$190.00    $284.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light Floor Lamp Antique Mercury Glass / Bronze 1131141

+Free Shipping
$588.00    $881.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light 3-Way LED Floor Lamp Gold Leaf D2591LED

+Free Shipping
$216.00    $359.99 A few left!

Kenroyhome 58"h Patio 1-Light Outdoor Floor Lamp Coquina 32269COQN

+Free Shipping
$234.00    $389.99 In Stock

Kenroyhome 51"h Trellis 2-Light Outdoor Floor Lamp Bronze 32250BRZ

+Free Shipping
$297.00    $494.99 A few left!

Kenroyhome 58"h Egress 1-Light Outdoor Floor Lamp Natural Slate 30516SL

+Free Shipping
$284.05    $896.99 A few left!

Dimond Enroscado 1-Light 3-Way Floor Lamp Chrome D2678

+Free Shipping
$400.00    $599.99 In Stock

Dimond Ingelside 1-Light LED Floor Lamp Chrome D2177LED

+Free Shipping
$215.60    $352.99 In Stock

Uttermost 67"h Arnett 1-Light Table Lamp Burnished Rusty Brown 28456

+Free Shipping
$328.00    $491.99 In Stock

Dimond Donora 1-Light LED 3-Way Floor Lamp Silver Leaf D1495LED

+Free Shipping
$458.00    $686.99 In Stock

Dimond Wesley 1-Light Floor Lamp Nickel D2364

+Free Shipping
$230.00    $344.99 In Stock

Dimond 56"h Elysburg 1-Light Floor Lamp Satin Nickel 170471

+Free Shipping
$318.00    $476.99 In Stock

Dimond 64"h Swingarms 1-Light Floor Lamp Aged Bronze 102931

+Free Shipping
$198.00    $296.99 In Stock

Dimond Antique Mercury 1-Light 3-Way Floor Lamp Silver 1131139

+Free Shipping
$820.00    $1,229.99 In Stock

Dimond Curzon 1-Light LED Floor Lamp Chrome / Black D2126LED

+Free Shipping
$210.00    $314.99 In Stock

Dimond Martcliff 1-Light 3-Way Floor Lamp Burnished Bronze D2427

+Free Shipping
$190.00    $263.99 In Stock

Lite Source 63"h Eveleen 1-Light Floor Lamp White LS82139

+Free Shipping
$225.00    $319.99 In Stock

Lite Source Rudko Floor Lamp Polished Steel LS81746PSWHT

+Free Shipping
$237.00    $337.99 In Stock

Lite Source Rudko Fluorescent Floor Lamp Polished Steel LSF81746PSWHT

+Free Shipping
$165.00    $236.99 In Stock

Lite Source Basics II Halogen Floor Lamp Antique Brass LS80910AB

+Free Shipping
$25.00    In Stock

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$50.00    In Stock

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