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Beige Accent Up Lights

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Accent Up Lights

Accent Up Lights

Psst: Here is a secret interior designers love - transform a room easily by creating dramatic results and contrast with several up lights. Place up lights next to plants, highlight a dark corner or put a new up light behind a recliner or corner entertainment center. 

Uplighting sets the mood in any room. These uplight lamps and lights are easy on the eyes, as they produce little glare when used to uplight.

Our designer lamps for uplighting and accent lighting make a great addition to your home. If you are uplighting a house that has computers or televisions in the room, the upwards facing light from these glass lamps creates the light you need to see the screen while reducing the glare, which can irritate your eyes.

Our range of designer lamps and home lamps include the glass shades of Dale Tiffany and Lite Source for your uplighting needs.

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