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7 Home Improvement Projects You Can Finish in a Day!

Last Updated on May 21, 2015 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments

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There’s never enough time! We all know the feeling and often, when there’s finally a day available to work around the house, we look at our list of projects and shake our heads. We just want an easy win! With this in mind, here are some simple one-day projects that will give reason to sit back and smile with satisfaction as the sun goes down.


1. Freshen your kitchen with new cabinet hardware

An easy and satisfying project, updated cabinet hardware provides a visual and tactile atmosphere boost. Sleek silver, traditional brass or black and white contrasting hardware can make a huge difference. The easiest method is to simply remove one existing set of each side from the cabinets, take a count of the number needed, and shop for hardware with the same distance dimensions. That way no new holes need to be drilled. The kitchen will have a fresh new look in no time at all!


2. Brighten up with an easy-to-hang swag light

Swag lights are back and they have brought a whole new style to home decorating. Combining fresh clean looks, energy efficiency and simple installation, swags are perfect for adding a new color to breakfast nooks, dining areas or any room that could use some flair. Once you select your swag, determine the spot that you want to hang your light. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be near an electrical outlet. It’s best to install two hooks, one 6-8 inch from the wall and the second at the spot the lamp will hang. Ideally, installing hooks into ceiling joists is preferred. Otherwise, just use toggle-bolt wings to hold the hooks in the ceiling. Hang your lamp about 30” above any tables and drape the chain to preferred appearance. Plug in and enjoy! 


 3. Replace leaky faucets

Nothing is more irritating than an old leaky faucet. The good news is that modern faucets are easy to install and built to last. The hardest part of this project is removing the old faucet. Good tools are key. Make sure to have a basin wrench, a plastic putty knife to separate the seal and WD-40 for any stubborn hardware. Turn off the water supply, disconnect the water supply lines, remove the mounting nuts and break the seal with the knife to pull out the existing faucet. If the water lines are older, it’s always better to replace them to avoid any leaks in the future. The new faucet should have a solid brass body and lifetime warranty for maximum durability. Take your time, follow the instructions and enjoy the feeling of tossing that old faucet in the trash!


 4. Upgrade your front door entrance

Bring a smile to guests’ faces with a welcoming front entrance. A good first step is trimming back any overgrown shrubs or bushes to give a well-maintained impression. Frequently overlooked, new house numbers can provide functional purpose while also giving a chance to display style through traditional design or modern fashion. Adding a planter or two to the steps or porch gives a fresh look as will a few pieces of all-weather furniture. Keyless door hardware is the newest trend in home security, providing easy modification with no need to rekey the door. Finally, while a bit beyond our time limitations, outdoor lighting is a key element to creating a welcoming, warm first impression to visitors. Welcome home!


5. Recaulk the bathroom tub

OK, neither exciting nor fun! But when the tub starts looking brown around the edges it’s time to take action before mildew and water damage are able to take hold. The good news is that this project is both cheap and easy. Acrylic caulk, while slightly less durable than silicone caulk, is easier to apply and doesn’t require quite as much prep work. Just use a 5 in 1 painters tool to remove the old caulk (careful if the tub is plastic – use a plastic razor instead), rub out the remaining residue with a non-abrasive pad and wipe down with a soft cotton rag. Now, just lay down two strips of painters tape on either side of the seam to keep the line straight and to avoid a mess. Slow, steady and straight with the caulk will get a great seal. With a paper towel, press the caulk into the joint. Let set for 24 hours and mission accomplished!


6. Replace dirty old lampshades

While our culture has moved toward treating everything as disposable, there’s an easy and money saving alternative to replacing dated looking lamps. New lampshades will bring a fresh new look to tired but valued lamps and fixtures. In order to select a new lampshade, first select a style and size. Size is determined by measuring the bottom diameter of the shade. As for style, take the time to browse as there’s no requirement to buy the exact same type as is currently in place. The lamp harp holds the shade in place over the bulb on many style lamps, so don’t miss the chance to inexpensively replace old or bent harps. Finally, look to express your personality with a unique finial They’re a great way to add a classy or quirky touch to your home! 


7. Paint an accent wall

When a room looks dreary it’s time to make a change by creating an accent wall. By painting just one wall, the job becomes much less daunting and the benefits are immediate. This is a great idea for walls that have a special feature such as a fireplace or an armoire as well as for walls that angle with stairs. Another approach is to paint a bedroom wall, usually the wall behind the headboard. If there’s a unique element to the room, such as a light fixture or accent pillow color, painting a wall to match can create a real synergy to the room. Selecting the right color is obviously of paramount importance. Remember that warm colors like red and orange can make a room seem smaller while blue and green tend to be less invasive and won’t impact perceived room size. Enjoy breaking the rules with your own style!
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