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How-To's & Tips - Why Lighting Matters - Lighting Tips

Why Lighting Matters - Lighting Tips in How-To's & Tips

Posted on July 16, 2014 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments

Sure, we could tell you that Lighting is essential because without it, we are all sitting around in the dark. And we acknowledge that even poorly designed lighting lets you see. But lighting is really a "quality-of-life" issue. Do you want to feel proud of your home and do you appreciate how a well conceived space can make you feel better about today? At its core, effective lighting CAN make your life dramatically more enjoyable. Lighting impacts your mood. Poorly conceived lighting will create an instant negative vibe. And great lighting can lift you up without you even knowing why.

Lighting Changes Your Space

Lighting has a dramatic effect on our perception of the space we occupy and how we interact with it. Often we don't even notice it, we just know we like it. Lighting is sometimes an afterthought. Maybe because it is one of the last steps, or maybe because of budget over-runs in other areas, the lighting budget gets trimmed at the end. But lighting should be considered from the beginning when a space is being planned. And get an expert involved. How do you think some builders or designers make creating dramatic spaces look so easy? They all know the secret to drama and comfort is proper lighting.

4 Deadly Sins of Poor Lighting Design

Good lighting might go un-noticed, but you will know bad lighting from a mile away. Don't be that house that gets noticed this way. Don't commit these 4 deadly lighting sins

  1. Insufficient light - causes eyestrain, headaches and makes a rook feel dark and gloomy. Usually caused by insufficient wattage or poor placement of fixtures.
  2. Unflattering light - Symptoms are poor coloring, dreary rooms, nothing stands out. Plus we all want to look our best. let your light make you the star.
  3. Glare - Lights that are too bright or poorly positioned often result in glare. Makes reading difficult and causes distraction and disunity in the space.
  4. Energy Wasters - Today you CAN have attractive lighting that saves energy. Why burn hot incandescent bulbs all the time when more efficient options abound?

With a few lighting tips from the pros at Lamps USA you WILL achieve your lighting goals with impressive results.

Top 4 Reasons Why Lighting is Important to your Home

  1. Lighting Improves our Work Space - Reading, food preparation, hobbies and even primping demand proper lighting. Task lighting involved a focused intensity of lighting over your work area. Save you eyesight and get a good light. You are not getting younger you know!
  2. Lighting Keeps Us Safe Adequate lighting inside and outside helps us avoid costly accidents and gives us the peace-of-mind of enhanced personal security. Proper lighting is especially important on porches, walkways, staircases and foyers.
  3. Lighting Creates Drama Lighting can truly set the mood of your space. With the flip of a switch, your layered lighting can transform a room from a festive party, to a comforting sanctuary. Designers love to focus on the room’s best features or your favorite possessions.
  4. Lighting Enhances Décor Your beautiful furniture and favorite artwork can’t be fully appreciated if poorly lit. Good lighting is like an “instant- upgrade” to any décor. Good lighting allows for flexibility, a variety of light levels, and suitability to the purpose.

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