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Get The Look - Caged Lighting

Posted on August 12, 2015 | 0 comments
Cage lighting instantly makes your home feel warm and inviting. The open design of the cage-like structure adds visual interest while the lights emit a soft and cozy glow with a touch of romance. Cage lights add style, safety, and grace while offering a welcome flair to any room. Styles range from modern to classic, with something to satisfy most lighting enthusiasts.
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$ 241.99 $ 161.00
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$ 710.99 $ 237.00
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$ 461.99 $ 308.00
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$ 254.99 $ 170.00
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$ 187.99 $ 125.00
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$ 1,586.99 $ 1,163.80
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$ 290.99 $ 194.00
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$ 805.99 $ 537.00
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$ 1,213.99 $ 809.00
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$ 512.99 $ 342.00
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$ 353.99 $ 236.00
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$ 1,172.99 $ 782.00
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$ 470.99 $ 314.00
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