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Posted on August 14, 2017 by Cody Baertschi | 0 comments

Get The Look - Contemporary Drums

Contemporary lighting is a genericized term. Basically, anything modern and simple is a good bet to be contemporary - or in the here and now. However, contemporary style can also have a forward leaning perspective. 

Styles made by ET2 and Arnsberg lighting commonly feature elements of style that are in the here and now, but they also innovate with regularity. Driving towards the future of lighting, the bulk of their designs are unprecedented. Also, in that frame of mind, they produce lighting that's almost always LED. 

When it comes to the drum shade look, it's not exactly a modern design concept, but rather an updated look that started to emerge on the back side of the dawn of the nuclear age. The colors are now more simplified, pallets more monotone, but those vibrant colors from the 1960's are quickly making a come back.


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