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Get The Look - Bling is In

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Steve Brielmaier | 0 comments
For the person who wants to lavish their home with brilliance, the bling style is the perfect solution. Nothing is more glamorous and elegant to an enrich modern and traditional decor than bringing on the sparkling radiance of bling!
$298.00    $446.99 In Stock

Maxim 8"w Vision 3-Light Wall Sconce Polished Chrome 39939BCPC

+Free Shipping
$180.40    $245.99 In Stock

Kichler 7"w Parker Point 1-Light Wall Sconce Chrome 42634CH

+Free Shipping
$924.00    $1,385.99 In Stock

Feiss 16"w Malia 6-Light Chandelier Polished Nickel F28116PN

+Free Shipping
$210.00    $314.99 In Stock

Elk Lighting 14"w Renaissance 2-Light Wall Sconce Sunset Silver 62382

+Free Shipping
$415.80    $625.99 In Stock

Uttermost 33"h Fascination Ii 1-Light Table Lamp Silver 26894

+Free Shipping
$498.00    $746.99 In Stock

Maxim 19"w Diamond 3-Light Pendant Golden Silver 21455OFGS

+Free Shipping
$398.00    $596.99 A few left!

Sterling 27x21" Axton Mirror Mirrored DM1959

+Free Shipping
$715.00    $974.99 0 left!

Kichler 18"w Rizzo 4-Light Mini Chandelier Chrome 42338CH

+Free Shipping
$428.00    $641.99 In Stock

Maxim 16"w Glimmer 6-Light Pendant Plated Silver 39895BCPS

+Free Shipping
$366.00    $548.99 In Stock

Sterling 32x32" Schaefer Mirror Mirrored DM1952

+Free Shipping
$258.00    $386.99 In Stock

Sterling 42x29" Valaparaiso Mirror Mirrored DM1953

+Free Shipping
$420.00    $629.99 In Stock

Feiss 8"w Malia 1-Light Mini Pendant Polished Nickel P1279PN

+Free Shipping
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