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Floor Lamps Buyer's Guide

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Daniel B | 0 comments

If you need more ambient light for a larger room and don't want to hire an electrician, floor lamps are your best bet. These convenient lighting fixtures can be placed near chairs, couches, and tables to serve as a task light. They can also be moved from one area or another, wherever additional illumination is needed. Plus, giving it a whole new look is as quick as changing its shade.

The problem is that there are thousands of floor lamps in various styles, colors, and materials imaginable. This might be a good thing, considering that you will have more options for your finicky standards but such wide range can also be a cause for a massive headache, as you will have a hard time choosing that one perfect floor lamp that will work best for your needs as well as for your room’s existing décor.

Buying Floor Lamps: What to Consider

Before anything else, you have to consider what you are using the floor lamp for? Yes, you are bound to use it for lighting, but there must be something else aside from this. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want a strong and clear light for a specific spot?
  • Or are you looking for something that will illuminate the entire space?
  • Would you want something that can serve as a stunning piece of décor even when it is not turned on?
  • Do you desire something that can do all of the above?


Once you have made up your mind on the above consideration, you will then have to consider the height of the lamp. In this aspect, you will also decide if you want something that uses a shade, a reflector, or a globe. You need to ensure that you are protected from too much glare from the light bulb.


The lamps available in the market today are made from a wide variety of materials that it is very hard to get a good list of all of them. The traditional floor lamps include wood and rattan and modern manufacturers have already come up with metallic ones. Popular finishes include brass, bronze, silver, steel, and nickel.

Much of this decision will come from the current scheme of your living area so you have to decide between a traditional feel or for a contemporary look. There is no limit to this, though, as you can go crazy and have a mix of both!


Your floor lamp of choice might already come with its own shade but this does not mean that you have no power to change it. Shades also come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and shades and you have all the freedom to pick one that takes your fancy.


Budget will always be an issue with any purchase. While you can find bargains, be sure it is stable and solid, from a reputable manufacturer. Floor lamps are notoriously prone to defects originated in poor construction. Floor lamps are the largest lights in your home and their size and construction lead to bent and wobbly lamps.

Which Type of Floor Lamp Suits You Best?

A classic floor lamp is a popular go-to for many homeowners. They are clean and simple and practically go along with whatever home design. Here are the top choices:
Feiss Davidson 1-Light Floor Lamp Firenze Gold / Silver Leaf Patina FL6296FG/SLPTraditional Classic Floor Lamps A basic, traditional designed single pole floor lamp is often called a "Club lamp." This is the most popular type of floor lamp and it is best used near a sofa or chair for reading or general room light and often comes with a glass globe or cloth shade.  Overdrive Energy Saving 3 Way 41W Torchiere BlackTorchiere Lamps or simply "torch" floor lamps, have a shade shaped like a bowl so its light goes upwards, reflecting off the ceiling, making it best for ambient lighting. Torchiere lamps are used almost exclusively to enhance room "ambient" light.
Lite Source Wiggly 5-Light Halogen Tree Floor Lamp Polished Steel LS-8588PS/FROTree Floor Lamps They have three or more light sockets that you can twist or pivot so you can focus them in any direction. Lite Source Ilario 3-Light Energy Star Arch Floor Lamp Polished Steel LS81673PSFROArc Floor Lamps This as a bent, curving pole so it can illuminate things way below it, perfect for providing lights above chairs and couches

Floor Lamp Trends: Practical Designs

While many floor lamps are chosen for their good looks, many are also highly practical. Today’s floor lamp designers continually push the envelope to add features to make your life easier. Here are the most practical designs for floor lamps:
  • Tray Floor Lamps. These are directly placed near chairs so you will not have to have an end table, making it a great piece for small spaces. Choose a tray floor lamp instead of an end table and table lamp combo.
  • Adjustable Floor Lamps Adjustable lamps move up & down, side to side, so you can direct the light exactly where you want it. If you sew, do handicrafts, or other detail work requiring focused light, consider an adjustable floor lamp. When lamp is not in use the head can be moved out of the way.
  • Reading Lamps. Perfect for readers, these lamps come with a central light source and an adjustable arm so you can focus lights directly to your book or magazine.
  • Floor Lamps with Magnifiers. Because they come equipped with a magnifier, they should come in handy when tinkering with small repairs or hobbies as well as for deciphering small print.

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