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Lighting Trends for 2017

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2017 Lighting Trends

What's Hot: Aged Brass w/Matte finishes
They said brass was dead. Over and over this was the cry in the lighting world. People felt shame over their shiny brass fixtures and went running to more exotic (read; non-brass) finishes like satin nickel, rubbed bronze, brushed pewter, oil-rubbed bronze, satin this, or Tuscan that, & on and on.
I have some good news for those of you who never gave up on the allure of brass. IT'S BACK with a vengeance. Maybe not exactly as you remember it, but it's definitely back. This is a great example of rediscovering a classic, and giving it a modern signature. Today's brass is aged & weathered, like it's been through something. That makes sense, because it HAS been through something... namely years of neglect from lighting showrooms coast to coast. Who's laughing now?

What's Hot: LED Lighting
The future is here! Better yet, the 1960's vision of the future is here. Facetime, hoverboards, self-driving cars, orbs of light. Innovative, and otherworldly both describe this brave new world of lighting. Many of these new LED designs would be right at home with the Jetson's. Modern, and unapologetic, these LED lights are blazing new frontiers in lighting, pushing the boundaries of what lighting is, and how it is applied & appreciated.

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