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10 Amazingly Cheap Chandeliers for sale - Get a HUGE Discount

Last Updated on October 08, 2018 by Paul West | 0 comments

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High quality yet Cheap Chandeliers offer a huge savings!

Let's face it, new chandeliers for sale can cost you hundreds of dollars. They're a major centerpiece in any room - whether it's a grand entrance chandelier, or it's over a dining room table, in the kitchen,  or maybe even a living room or bedroom chandelier. 

These large chandelier light fixtures are absolutely stunning and establish an entire theme in a room. But they can be costly!

There's a better way to buy a chandelier

Instead of freaking out about the price of a chandelier, why not look for a chandelier for sale which is discounted? Discount chandeliers offer a great look, a substantial light source, and also can save you a lot of money. They're first-quality, brand new, never used, and offer just as much appeal as the rest.

Instead of paying several hundreds dollars, you can get a chandelier you can afford. Read on for 10 of the best hand-picked, cheap chandeliers which offer a huge savings on a brand new chandelier.

Discount Chandeliers

Let's look at some gorgeous discounted chandeliers you can buy today...

Capital lighting Braxton 4-Light Chandelier Burnished Bronze 4954BB-122

Capital lighting Braxton 4-Light Chandelier Burnished Bronze 4954BB-122

(Was $ 140.00) Sale Price: only $ 39.88

Let's start the show with this lovely little chandelier, the Capital Lighting Braxton chandelier. Originally this cheap chandelier was priced around $100. Today you can save a big chunk of change with this discount chandelier.

A four-light chandelier

The braxton 4-light chandelier features 4 arms which extend out from the center of the chandelier and houses four cone-shaped, soft-white glass shades.

It's actually not that small of a chandelier, at around 20.5 inches wide and 24 inches high, not including the chain.

It comes with sockets for 4 x 100 watt medium base light bulbs providing a total of 400 watts of light. That's sufficient to light a small-to-medium sized room. You could also use compact fluorescent bulbs instead - for example four bulbs with the equivalent wattage of 150 watts output, bumps up the total to 600 watts (just make sure each bulb is rated to USE no more than 100 watts of electricity).

Styled for a modern home

This discounted chandelier is finished in a lovely burnished bronze finish which gives it a nice warm brown appearance. The chandelier's style is fairly modern, with simple lines and clear shapes, suitable to the interior of most modern homes.

At this price you'll be making a great savings and get a good quality substantial light fixture. This chandelier for sale will look great in a smaller space. But if you have a medium-sized or larger room you'll want to check out the amazing deals you'll find below, so keep reading!

Discover more about this item HERE

Quorum Celesta 9-light Chandelier Oiled Bronze w/ Satin Opal 6053-9-186

Quorum Celesta 9-light Chandelier Oiled Bronze w/ Satin Opal 6053-9-186

(Was $ 707.99) Sale Price: only $ 159.38 + Free Shipping

Hold onto your hat! Here's another super cheap chandelier with an amazing discount. Originally over $700, now asking less than $200. Almost 75% off!

Nine lights on the cheap

I present to you this sensational Quorum Celesta Chandelier, complete with a flowing metalwork design, and with no less than NINE lights. Yes, nine distinct light fixtures each supporting a 60 watt bulb, meaning a total of over 540 Watts of lighting power.

This is definitely a larger chandelier, at 34 inches width. It trades a little height in order to provide room for all the lights, and so has a more elegant upright quality to it. It may call for a slightly taller ceiling, or you can position it over a table.

A transitional chandelier

The design of this cheap chandelier is more along transitional lines, whereby it may be in the approximate style of a traditional chandelier but with everything "smoothed out". Gone are the intricate minor details and in its place sleek, smooth flowing curves. Halfway between traditional and modern, this chandelier could look great in a moderately traditional or modern room.

The chandelier is finished in oiled bronze, a warm dark-ish brown, with a satin opal finish to the glass shades. It's a very clean design. This two-tier chandelier will work great in a medium or larger-sized room since it takes up more space and offers more extensive lighting.

And don't forget the price on this one. It's practically a quarter of what it used to cost and supplies are limited!

Discover more about this item HERE

Quorum Celeste 6-light Chandelier Aged Brass 6109-6-80

Quorum Celeste 6-light Chandelier Aged Brass 6109-6-80

(Was $ 368.99) Sale Price: only $ 83.13 + Free Shipping

Wow. Here's a treat! Why not get a glorious 6-light cheap chandelier in a lovely aged brass finish?  Not quite the shininess of polished brass, this aged-brass Quorum Celeste Chandelier has an air of quality to it and a beautiful warmth to its finish.

Aged Brass and Beautiful

This golden chandelier departs from the more common darker finishes and warms up your room with its warm golden tones. Designed in a transitional style which comes across as modern-ish but not too modern, this discount chandelier has a little more class to it and is elegant to boot.

Six times the chandelier

The six glass shades are made with a Satin Opal style, adding even more beauty to the chandelier by contrasting the pure white against the decorative brass. 

Each arm hosts a 60 watt light bulb, totaling 360 watts overall. Suitable for a small to medium sized room, it's going to look absolutely fabulous in your dining room, living room or kitchen. It could even be just the right touch for a bedroom.

Let's not forget about the huge discount

Originally close to $400, this super-discounted chandelier is just shy of $100. Less than $100 for this beautiful centerpiece is a ridiculous steal! Saving around $300 or about 75% on this light fixture alone is a chance that's hard to pass up. When you're trying to find chandeliers for sale at a price you can afford, look no further!

Discover more about this item HERE

Quorum Atwood 5-light Nook Chandelier Oiled Bronze w/ Satin Opal 6496-5-186

Quorum Atwood 5-light Nook Chandelier Oiled Bronze w/ Satin Opal 6496-5-186

(Was $ 554.99) Sale Price: only $ 125.00 + Free Shipping

This Quorum Atwood Chandelier with its five lights, brings a futuristic dimension to any room. Its sleek design features an unusual set of 5 downward-facing shades, which will aim more direct light downward for example over a table or seating area.

An unusually exciting chandelier

When shopping for chandeliers for sale, you won't as often see a chandelier with downward-facing shades. The Atwood Chandelier breaks the mold and takes a step into a more futuristic look here, with 5 down-pointing shades in Satin Opal.

These are contrasted against the Oiled Bronze finish and sleek metallic curves, featuring thin decorative arms that give a sleek, modern look to the overall light fixture. Perfect in a more modern-themed room.

A five-light chandelier that's cheap

With its five arms, each arm hosts a useful 100 watt bulb. So in one swoop, this discount chandelier provides 500 watts of lighting power. Ideal in a small or medium-sized room, 500 watts goes a long way to brightening your home.

At 26 inches wide, this chandelier is a pretty good average size and will make a great centerpiece over a table or in a living or family room.

A price you can afford

At less than $150 surely you'll be amazed at how much you'll save on this cheap chandelier. It's still just as high quality as when it was over $550, and yet is now a fraction of the price. There's no gimmick. Get it before it's gone!

Discover more about this item HERE

Capital lighting 4-Light Winter Gold Up Chandelier without Shades 3974WG-000

Capital lighting 4-Light Winter Gold Up Chandelier without Shades 3974WG-000

(Was $ 169.00) Sale Price: only $ 49.99 + Free Shipping

How adorable is this smaller four-light chandelier finished in Winter Gold? There are no shades on this one, so each of the four light bulbs is deliberately designed to use candelabra bulbs. These are narrower "torpedo" style bulbs which here are used in a decorative way.

A smaller chandelier for a smaller budget

Each of the four arms hosts a 60 watt Candelabra bulb, totaling 240 watts. At just 21 inches width, the chandelier is better suited in a smaller room, a nook, or the corner of a larger room in addition to other lighting. Or perhaps you could even buy more than one and arrange then together to light a larger space.

The Quorum Manhattan chandelier features a modern, perhaps transitional style. The central column is composed from elegant rectangles while the arms are molded from simple yet elegant shapes.

You can't go far wrong at this price!

Enjoy a savings on this cheap chandelier. Reduced from over $120, it's barely even half the price now. The attractive winter gold finish and uncovered bulbs adds a sparkle to any room.

Discover more about this item HERE

Quorum Flora 6-Light Gls Chandelier Persian White 6272-6-70

Quorum Flora 6-Light Gls Chandelier Persian White 6272-6-70

(Was $ 542.99) Sale Price: only $ 90.50 + Free Shipping

How about a cheap chandelier in persian white? This beautiful model moves away from the metallic finishes and moves into a lovely aged white look. The white is softened and textured to create an elegant weathered look. Accented with White Linen-colored shades, the overall look is an off-white masterpiece.

A beautiful 6-light chandelier

With its 6 graceful arms, the Quorum Flora Chandelier features 6 x 60 watt bulb sockets, producing 360 watts of light in total. Also at 30 inches wide, the design of ths discount chandelier is somewhat wider than usual. The flattened look spreads the light out horizontally while the central column gracefully sweeps it all together into a graceful style..

Persian-white is an increasingly popular finish for a chandelier, since it complements well with a room that has white or gray or beige walls. The off-white gives it a softer appearance and adds a sense of comfort, gentleness and purity.

It's a pretty good bargain too!

At less than $150 you save practically 75% of the original price of $540. What a steal! So much chandelier for so little cost. You could outfit an entire mid-sized room with this light fixture alone. It'll look spectacular over a kitchen table or in a dining room, or even in a bedroom.

Discover more about this item HERE

Quorum 4-Light Chandelier Aged Silver Leaf/Clear/Seeded 689-4-60

Quorum 4-Light Chandelier Aged Silver Leaf/Clear/Seeded 689-4-60

(Was $ 614.99) Sale Price: only $ 102.50 + Free Shipping

We'll round out this extraodinary collection of discount chandeliers with this final offering, in a different style than before. This Quorum Chandelier is caged inside a framework, surrounded by a seeded glass.

Finished in aged silver it features four tightly-packed candelabra bulbs and is ideal for lighting up a smaller space. Perhaps in a hallway or foyer.

Let's start with the silly price

Originally over $600! And available to you now at barely even $160, we're talking about barely even a quarter of it's original price. This stunningly cheap chandelier is a bargain too good to pass up.

Quality and elegance rolled into one

Now, a $600 chandelier is not exactly cheap, and its quality rises above many others. The large seeded-glass shade provides a mottled, sparkling look which undulates as you move around it. It somewhat diffuses the light from the unfiltered candelabra bulbs, which supply a total of 240 watts of light.

Hung from a chain, this narrower chandelier (at only 13 inches width but 20 inches height) is great for any smaller space such as a hallway or entry way. Almost a pendant in its style, since it barely has any "arms" as such, this cage or "lantern chandelier" would even look great in a set of 2 or 3 spaced apart for a larger room.

The aged silver finish gives it that "established" look, adding to its classic styling and toning down the look. You can't go far wrong with a couple of these beauties!

Discover more about this item HERE

Choose a Cheap Chandelier

This concludes our mini roundup of some absolutely outstanding discount chandeliers. We can hardly believe these are available for such a low price, but we got a great deal on them and we're passing ALL the savings on to you. There's no catch. We've got limited stock so when they're gone they're gone.

They're all brand new, first quality, perfectly untouched models. Never been used, and bursting at the seams to be hung at your home or business. Before you purchase, make sure the chandelier will fit the space you're buying it for- our handy foyer chandelier buyer's guide has all the info you need!

What are you waiting for? Go look at some chandeliers and make a super savings worth bragging about today!


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