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Lite Source Levon 1-Light G Table Lamp Chrome/Orange LS21797CORN
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Levon 1-Light G Table Lamp Chrome/Orange LS21797CORN by Lite Source

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Lite Source # LS21797CORN
Lite Source


  • Chrome/Orange Finish
  • Features Orange Fabric Shade
  • 15.25'' Height x 15'' Width
  • Shade: 8.25'' Slant Height

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The Carlyle 1-Light Table Lamp by Lite Source features a Black finish, enhancing the design and style of your rooms.
  • Chrome/Orange Finish
  • Features Orange Fabric Shade
  • 15.25'' Height x 15'' Width
  • Shade: 8.25'' Slant Height
  • 1 x 40 Watt G Edison-12 bulb (not included)
  • Part of the Levon Collection by Lite Source
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs

Benefits of this Table Lamp

Why choose this Table Lamp?

  • Makes Lighting Portable. With this table lamp, light goes wherever you need it. Place it bedside, next to your favorite chair or sofa, in a hallway or office, or in that corner of the room that needs a lift. The standard power cord is quick and easy to plug in - flip the switch and away you go.
  • Creates Intimacy. This table lamp creates an intimate pool of light for convesation or reading. The diffusion shade creates a softened light, falling pleasantly on people's faces. This table lamp also helps to relieve strong shadows from overhead lighting and adds to the overall ambient lighting of your room without being too intense.
  • Enhances Comfort. Picture yourself cozying up to a good book or magazine, or maybe your mobile device, snuggled in your favorite chair or sofa, this table lamp sharing its warm glow nearby. Easy on the eyes, it's a recipe for a soothing environment.
  • Adds Decorative Appeal. This decorative table lamp provides a stylish accent to your interior. Its beautiful base and complementary shade can coordinate with your furnishings, textiles and furniture.
  • Solves Your Lighting Problem. Life without a lamp is dark indeed. Sometimes even with hardwired light fixtures the light is not enough, or not where you want it. This portable table lamp will allow you to put the light exactly where you need it without having to commit to the installation of more electrical fixtures.
  • Works Great in Pairs. With two of these table lamps, you can create a harmonious balance on both sides of your furniture. Picture them either side of a bed, at both ends of a couch, in opposite corners of a room, etc. Together they accomplish more than alone because they will play off each other's appearance and create a balanced theme.

High-Quality Construction

  • Stable weighted base. The base is designed to be heavy enough that the lamp won't easily topple over. Its sturdy construction ensures it's always upright and should resist light collisions. This also helps to create a safe environment.
  • Heat-deflecting shade. The shade of your new table lamp is designed to funnel heat upwards and away from the lamp like a chimney. Most light bulbs produce heat and the design of the shade helps facilitate convection, allowing cool air to enter through the bottom to keep the lamp cool.
  • High-quality shade. This table lamp features a shade made from quality materials, with fine attention to detail and the assurance of an even distribution of light. Free of wrinkles, dents, bright spots or dark spots, the shade has been hand-crafted by skilled professionals to ensure it keeps looking great for years to come.
  • Easy operation. A simple switch allows you to turn the lamp on or off. Some lamps also feature a 3-way switch. Alternatively plug it into a switched socket to turn the lamp on from a wall switch.
  • Easy to plug in. The lamp comes with enough cord to reach most nearby outlets. Unless your outlet is significantly further from the lamp, you shouldn't need an extension cord.
  • Attention to detail. A table lamp is designed to be viewed in close proximity, since you're likely to be sitting nearby. With this in mind, this table features a fine attention to detail - the mark of a quality product.

Versatile Light

  • Industry-standard socket. The socket on this lamp is designed for easy bulb replacement, and since it adheres to commonplace industry standards, this makes it easy for you to find replacement bulbs.
  • Light-Distributing Shade. What would a table lamp be without its shade? This lamp is complete with a carefully crafted shade, designed to hide unsightly electrical parts and to shield your eyes from the glare of the bulb. The shade is also aestheticalyl pleasing, filtering and tinting the light that passes through it, while also directing most of the light through the top and bottom to illuminate your room.
  • The option of Dimmable light. Most lamps with regular plug-in bulbs can be fitted with a dimmable bulb. When used with a dimmer switch and a dimmable bulb, you'll be able to set the mood quickly and easily. Provided the bulb is dimmable, the lamp should also work with a dimmable electrical socket.
  • Supports energy-saving bulbs. While many lamps are still specified as supporting standard incandescent bulbs, simple plugin compact fluorescent and led bulbs can almost always be used. These simple screw-in bulbs require far less wattage of energy for an equivalent light output, so can make a significant savings on your electrical bill. CFL and LED bulbs also last far longer than traditional bulbs, saving you the cost of having to keep buying new bulbs as often. Also with a CFL/LED bulb, since they are rated at lower watts, this allows you to use a higher wattage bulb outputting even more light, while still falling below the wattage rating of the lamp.
  • Supports full-spectrum bulbs. Easily turn your lamp in an mood-improving full spectrum lamp, by installing a screw-in full spectrum compact fluorescent bulb. Full-spectrum bulbs emulate natural sunlight and influence your circadian rhythm, helping alleviate seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues caused by too much time indoors.

Enhances Your Room

  • Works in any room. A versatile table lamp can be easily positioned in any room with a power outlet. Sit it next to your sofa or chair in the living room, to the side of your bed, in the corner of a dining area, in your study or office, or even in a hallway. Unlike fixed-wire lighting, you can move a table lamp around after installation without having to hire an electrician or deal with dangerous electrical wiring.
  • Easily portable. As a portable lamp with a simple plug-in power cord, you can place this lamp anywhere you like. It provides true versatility in your lighting, giving you countless options when it comes time to rearrange your environment.
  • Coordinates with your furniture. Choose a table lamp which brings out the colors in your existing decor. When more than one element in a room features the same coloring, texture or style, you now have a theme! Alone, the lamp may be beautiful, but in harmony with your other decor it can bring out the hues and create a pleasing look.
  • Supports Family and Friends You're not the only one who needs good light to enjoy an environment. Help support your family and friends with ample lighting, easy on the eyes and comforting to the heart.
  • Learn more about table lamps with our friendly, easy-to-read Table Lamp Buyer's Guide, complete with information on how to select the right lamp for you.

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