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LampsUSA Full-Spectrum EZ Reader Floor Lamp Black ES101BLK
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Full-Spectrum EZ Reader Floor Lamp Black ES101BLK by LampsUSA

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LampsUSA # ES101BLK


  • Black Finish
  • Maximum height is 48" with lamp head horizontal - maximum of 60" height
  • Shade measures 10" Length x 5.5" Width x 1.5" Height
  • Includes 1 x 27 Watt PL27QBX4PC Compact Fluorescent Full-Spectrum Bulb

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Tap into Natures Infinite Power

Discover the Secret of Nature's own sunlight
using a sophisticated full spectrum light bulb. It produces comfortable and glare-free light which is excellent for reading, reduces eyestrain and also saves energy. The flexible gooseneck design provides flexibility while the convenient on/off switch on the shade makes it easy to operate. The lamp includes a 27-Watt compact fluorescent bulb which uses much less energy than a regular incandescent bulb, yet produces as much light as a 100-150 watt regular bulb. This EZ reader floor lamp is perfect for reading, sewing, close-up tasks, and reduces eyestrain for everyone but especially for those over 40. It's a great lamp for anyone who wants to bring natural light into their home and even helps with seasonal affective disorder by helping your body-clock to get a better feel for the daylight cycle.

  • Black Finish
  • Maximum height is 48" with lamp head horizontal - maximum of 60" height
  • Shade measures 10" Length x 5.5" Width x 1.5" Height
  • Includes 1 x 27 Watt PL27QBX4PC Compact Fluorescent Full-Spectrum Bulb
  • Energy efficient bulb uses only 27 watts to give light output of a 150 watt incandescent!
  • Special low price! This item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping!

Struggling with Eye Strain?

  • Reduces eyestrain
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Great for reading or writing
  • Great for crafts
  • Great in front of a computer screen

Struggle no more. Why sit under harsh lights and glaring contrast when you can be sitting under a gentle, comfortable natural light. The EZ reader floor lamp from LampsUSA sports a full spectrum light bulb which produces a very even white light. The light simulates nature's own sunlight. The bulb's surface and gas content is specifically formulated to produce a very natural spectrum of light output, giving that natural daylight look wherever you use it, whenever you use it.

The natural spectrum light produced by this floor lamp automatically shows colors and intensities much closer to their real appearance. Gone are the harsh glaring words on a page, gone is the strain from staring at a computer screen, and gone is the feeling of agitation from being bathed in unnatural yellow or blue light. Everything just looks more natural with a full spectrum lamp and that means your eyes aren't struggling to adjust to the unnatural contrasts and colors around you.

Most owners of an EZ Reader floor lamp by LampsUSA report greatly reduced eyestrain immediately.

Great for Reading

  • Words are crisper, easier to look at
  • The page doesn't glare at you
  • Colors are naturally balanced
  • You can read for longer without eye-ache

If you're sitting down to read a book, magazine or newspaper you want to relax and ease into your interests - a full spectrum floor lamp helps you to forget about trying to see and lets you focus on what you're actually reading. Your eyes can relax into the natural representation of colors and the page becomes more `balanced` in its appearance. Words stand out better and sharper while the white of the page doesn't blast you with headache-causing glare.

Under a natural light you will find you can read for longer periods of time, your eyes aren't so sore afterwards and the natural light has more of a soothing effect. Pictures always look better under a natural light. Usually the wrong colors are highlighted and over-emphasized due to the color spectrum being skewed towards yellow, red or blue light. While some light bulbs such as fluorescent bulbs may often help to some degree by providing a whiter light, harsh white isn't really the color of sunlight. Light from the sun results from thousands of unique wavelengths of color which all combine to create an overall natural glow. A full spectrum light bulb, as featured in our floor lamps, simulates the diversity of wavelengths found in natural sunlight and puts you at ease - working with you rather than against you.

Brilliant for Crafts

  • See your materials in their true color
  • See details more clearly
  • Get away from harsh contrast or glare
  • More relaxing and comfortable

If you're working on intricate details such as sewing, needlework, drawing, painting, building models, knitting, doing a crossword, even playing with your new tablet computer, phone or handheld, you'll always find it more comfortable in full spectrum light. You can see what you're doing! Colors are all exactly as they're meant to be, lines are crisp and easy to focus on, nothing is glaring back at you or making it even harder to see those small details. It's ideal.

Who wants to strain to see what they're looking at when you're supposed to beenjoying yourself doing what you love? You'll love what you're doing even morewhen you can see it properly! A full spectrum lamp from LampsUSA helps you enjoy yourself more and gets rid of those unnatural fake lights of old.

Flex the light where you want it

The flexible gooseneck of this lamp can be adjusted to any angle you like. Point it at the wall, point it at the ceiling, point it upside down, point it sideways, or simply direct it down over your shoulder or near to where you're sitting. That means you can shine the light exactly where you like it, yet not right in your eyes, so you can focus on what you need to focus on. You can work at your crafts for longer due to reduced eyestrain and you'll find it all-round a more rewarding experience.

The lamp features a switch right next to the light bulb itself, so when you're sitting with it next to you it's merely a short distance to reach to switch it on or off. The light comes on immediately with no delay and there's absolutely no humming or buzzing. The bulb is situated embedded into the lamp head meaning that most of it the time it won't be in your eyes. When you're standing you almost certainly won't see the bulb and when you're seated it will be above, behind or to the side of you. The flexible head positioning really makes it easy to get just the light you want, where you want it.

Helps your mood - Seasonal Affective Disorder

We've all heard about seasonal affected disorder, or `SAD`, and `sad` is exactly what it feels like. The winter blues come knocking at the door every year and you dread having to go through another dreary winter with limited sunlight and shorter days. But now all you need is a full spectrum lamp. Switch it on whenever you like, even when the sun is down or the day is clouded or snowing. It's great for a rainy day, too. Any time you feel down because of the weather, just switch on the lamp and be around it for a time and you'll notice you feel illuminated from within.

Your body is sensitive to light and reacts to the cycles of the sun rising and setting. Your body clock has a lot to do with that feeling of sluggishness, glumness or even depression. We all love being in the sun - it's good for you, and when you can't get enough you simply have to branch out with a full spectrum lamp of your own. While these lamps do not include ultra violet spectrums - needed in order to build Vitamin D - their natural light does still promote a more balanced mood. Whether it's just psychological or not, you will simply feel less gloomy in those long winter months or rainy days when you can enjoy your own beam of sunlight right in your own home.

Light Therapy is a common treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, featuringexposure to a bright full-spectrum lamp for a period of time. This helps your circadian rhythm as well, promoting general wellbeing. The U.S. National Library of Medicine noted that "some people experience a serious mood change when the seasons change. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and may also feel depressed. Though symptoms can be severe, they usually clear up" in the summer months. Bright full-spectrum light helps to suppress melatonin, reducing the feeling ofdepression.

Researchers in medical centers in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia have had great success using light therapy with thousands of patients with clear histories of SAD for several years. Significant improvement is usually experienced within 4-5 days, if not sooner, and symptoms may return in about the same period of time after the lights are unused. Using your new full spectrum floor lamp daily is sure to help.

You can read more about Light Therapy and Seasonal Affective Disorder at Wikipedia.

Great for your pets, too

A full spectrum lamp is great for you and great for other living creatures too. Whether you enjoy the domestic company of cats, dogs, fish, birds and any other kind of creature, they'll thank you for helping them to see better too. Maybe it'll even make them happier on a darker day or during long winter months.

And if animals aren't your thing, maybe you're into house plants. Any plant-grower will know that plants need sunlight and trying to grow a light-hungry plant away from the light simply doesn't work. Come those winter months plants tend to die off, slow down on their growth and lose vitality. They stop putting out new foliage and sometimes they might not survive the winter. Now with a full spectrum lamp you can give them a high-quality, sunlight-like spectrum year-round. You can even grow plants in those dark areas of the home where you simply couldn't grow them before, or just add extra light for those tropical plants that need higher light intensity. A full spectrum lamp is a great solution for helping promote plant growth.

Speaking of plants, plants grow underwater too and a full spectrum lamp is a great addition for an aquarium. Your fish will love it, plants will grow faster and you'll be able to see your fish better. The natural light will bright out their natural colors without artificial red or blue bulbs. Goldfish and tropical fish will all appreciate extra daylight on those dark days.

Saves you energy and money

A full spectrum lamp features an energy-saving low-wattage light bulb. The bulb is designed with four straight fluorescent tubes in parallel and produces a bright white light. The amount of light output is similar to the light from a 100-150 Watt regular incandescent bulb. It's plenty of light for reading, writing, crafts, watching tv, being on the computer etc. Of course you'll want other lights for the rest of the room since this is quite a focused light source, but you can aim it wherever you like.

The fluorescent bulb included runs at only 27 Watts, rather than the 100 Watts or more you'd normally need to use. This means it saves you around 3/4 of your energy bill and therefore reduces your electricity consumption, helping the environment as well as keeping money in your pocket. Over the course of just 1 week you've already saved 75% on your bill for an equivalent incandescent lamp. Just because it's low wattage doesn't mean it isn't bright, so for you it's a win-win - you get all the light for 1/4 the price.

Lamp base is small enough to fit into tight spaces: 10.25"L x 8.75"W

It's practically FREE in the long term

Considering the savings you'll make on replacement light bulbs andgreatly reduced energy consumption, this floor lamp will definitely pay for itselfover the course of its lifetime. That makes it practically free! It's morethan just a floor lamp, it's an investment that pays you back, year round.

For your initial up-front investment (which by the way is surprisingly low-priced for a full spectrum lamp), the light bulb has a lifetime rating of 5,000 to 10,000 hours. In real-world use for most people that equates to several YEARS of use. Think of how many regular light bulbs you'd have to buy in that time period - probably at least once a year? You'll be saving on the expense of replacement bulbs for years to come, plus the low wattage ensures you are constantly saving 75% of what you would have spent on a regular-bulb lamp.

This lamp has sturdy construction, a heavy base and protected flexible gooseneck. It will last you for years to come. We absolutely do, and always will, carry the replacement bulbs, just in case you need one, but you'll be enjoying this lamp for years before you'll even need one. The bulb is included which means you don't have to fuss with finding one at a local store, and you don't have to pay any extra shipping to buy one elsewhere online.


Easy to assemble, sturdy and stable

With a solid heavy base included, this lamp is sure to maintain its upright position even when you bump into it or knock it with the vacuum cleaner. It's definitely not top-heavy and has been designed to keep a low center of gravity. The lamp comes in only a few pieces with all wiring already in place. All you have to do is join a few tubes together and fix it into the base. The tubes are already threaded so there's absolutely no tools needed - just a pair of hands then you're up and running!

The flexible head easily pivots side to side or adjusts to any angle with a gentle touch. The lamp head remains fairly cool and certainly much cooler than a regular incandescent bulb so you won't be burning your fingers. The light bulb itself, being a lower wattage, runs much cooler than a regular bulb. With a simple flip of the on/off switch you'll be enjoying your new full spectrum light. Sit back, relax and soak up the rays.

It's in stock and shipping tomorrow!

Yes, we have it in stock. We keep a constant supply of these floor lamps in our warehouse and we process orders typically within 24 hours. If you order today it will likely ship out tomorrow and we'll have a tracking number emailed to you. We aim to ship out your order within 1-2 days at the most. From there, depending on how far you live from Wisconsin, it'll take merely 3-5 days to be delivered. You'll have it within a week!

Still not sure?

If you're still wondering if this is the lamp for you, feel free to chat with us on our Live Chat, send us as email to or call us at 1-877-526-7247. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Meanwhile check out the reviews below from other happy customers. You'll notice this is a highly rated lamp and most people give it at least 4 or 5 stars. This is one of our most popular items and we stand behind our product with a friendly return policy should you need it. Let us know if we can help you make a decision. We're quite confident that if you do decide on this lamp you'll be glad you did.

Benefits of this Floor Lamp

Why choose this Floor Lamp?

  • Easily Portable Light. Move light to wherever you need it with this elegant floor lamp. Picture it next to your bed, along-side your favorite sofa or chair, where you most enjoy reading or doing crafts, or perhaps in your office or hallway. The standardized electrical cord can be plugged in or unplugged quickly and easily. With the quick flip of a switch, you have light.
  • Increases Intimacy. This floor lamp brings a focussed, warm light to areas of conversation, reading, dining, crafts and hobbies. The attractive shade diffuses and spreads a soft light, illuminating people and objects in a pleasant way. This floor lamp also adds an ambient light to your room, diminishing the storng shadows produced by overhead lighting. In rooms with missing ceiling light fixtures, this floor lamp will help to illuminate the ceiling and rebound light all around the room.
  • Strong Lighting. Sometimes you just need a good strong light in your room, and being able to reach for this floor lamp instantly solves your problem. Sometimes a smaller lamp doesn't cut it. Switch on this magnificent floor lamp and the room is instantly filled with comforting, useful light, both local and reflected.
  • Position Light where you need it. This adorable floor lamp has been carefully designed to place the light source high in the room. When seated, it will shine over your shoulder and facilitate easier use without the challenge of eye-level brightness. With the shade closer to the ceiling, it also excels at directing ambient light to bounce off the ceiling, adding a broader range of background light to the room.
  • Solves Your Dark Room. Life without a good level of light can be depressing. Often inadequate light from your fixtures leaves you wanting more. This floor lamp allows you to avoid an expensive electrical installation, while also being much easier to add to a room, and perhaps to later move to a new location.
  • Gets Out of Your Way. While you want good light in your room, you don't want to create more clutter. A floor lamp is an ideal solution. The lamp base can often tuck neatly behind or beneath furniture, its tall base reaching up above furniture and its shade providing light where you need it. Its narrow body consumes less of your living space than, say, a table lamp.
  • Works as a Team. In a larger room, adding two of these floor lamps can really bring the room to life. Imagine them as beacons of light shining from the far corners of your room, working together to power your life. With two floor lamps you begin to create a theme of style, color and light quality, adding to the harmony and balance of your environment.

High-Quality Construction

  • Stable weighted base. The balanced base is weighted to provide stability to this tall lamp. The last thing you need is it topppling over. The weighted base ensures your environemnt is both safe and reliable.
  • Light-directing shade. The shade on this floor lamp is designed specifically to allow heat from the bulb to escape, rather like a chimney. This helps to keep the lamp running cooler, and also enhances safety. At the same time, the shape of the shade directs and diffuses light in a useful direction, both upwards and downwards as well as out to the side.
  • Quality Shade Construction. To facilitate an even spread of light, the shade on this floor lamp has been carefully manufactured to alleviate hot-spots or distortions. In the years to come, your new favorite lamp will continue serving its function, problem free.
  • Easy to Operate. The easily-reachable switch is just a touch a away. Many floor lamps also feature 3-way technology, supporting light bulbs with more than one level of brightness. Alternatively, leave the lamp switched on, connected to a switched socket, controlled from a wall switch.
  • Quick to plug in. Nearby electrical outlets are easily reached with the length of cord provided. Unless your outlet is significantly further from the lamp, you shouldn't need an extension cord.
  • Protection for your eyes. Given this lamp's shade will be close to standing eye level, you want to be sure it is both attractive and also hides much of the glare from the bulb. The shade facilitates this shielding while providing a decorative accent which enhances the look of your room.

Versatile Light

  • Easily Accessible Socket. Inserting the bulb into this floor lamp is very easy, with ample access provided. The socket adheres to industry standards, making it easy to find replacement bulbs when you need them.
  • Multi-Functional Shade. The designer shade shields your eyes from the harsh glare of the light bulb, gently cools the lamp by facilitating airflow, and simultaneously wows with its attractive design. The shade also reflects and diffuses light, while also directing most of the light through its opening to illuminate your room and serve your needs.
  • The option of Dimmable light. Most lamps with regular plug-in bulbs can be fitted with a dimmable bulb. When used with a dimmer switch and a dimmable bulb, you'll be able to set the mood quickly and easily. Provided the bulb is dimmable, the lamp should also work with a dimmable electrical socket.
  • Supports energy-saving bulbs. Most floor lamps utilize modern, compact fluorescent bulbs, or can be replaced with plugin compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. These bulbs require far less wattage of energy for an equivalent light output, so can make a significant savings on your electrical bill. CFL and LED bulbs also last far longer than traditional bulbs, saving you the cost of having to keep buying new bulbs as often.
  • Supports full-spectrum bulbs. A variety of bulbs are now available in a full spectrum compact fluorescent bulb. Full-spectrum bulbs emulate natural sunlight and influence your circadian rhythm, helping alleviate seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues caused by too much time indoors. You may be able to install such a bulb in this lamp - feel free to ask us to check for you.

Enhances Your Room

  • Great in Multiple Rooms. This portable floor lamp can be easily positioned in any room. All it needs is a power outlet. Position it near to a seating space in your living room, in the corner of a bedroom, along-side your intimate dining area, in a functional office, or even in a hallway. This unconstrained lamp can be moved around after installation - no electricians or dangerous re-wiring needed.
  • Quick to Relocate. As a portable lamp with a simple plug-in power cord, you can place this lamp anywhere you like. It provides true versatility in your lighting, giving you countless options when it comes time to rearrange your environment. If you find it isn't quite providing the light you want in its current location, you can move it in a matter of seconds - problem solved!
  • Coordinates with your decor. This floor lamp can enhance the colors in your existing decor. You can build a theme from coordinating styles, colors or textures. This floor lamp looks great by itself, but even better in a harmoneous environment.
  • Helpful to Family and Friends. Assist all members of the family, and friends too, by providing ample light when it's needed. You can hardly entertain in the dark!
  • Learn more about floor lamps with our friendly, easy-to-read Floor Lamp Buyer's Guide, complete with information on how to select the right lamp for you.

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