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Shade Slip Cover Off White Medium 081612SCOW by HomeConcept

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HomeConcept # 081612SCOW


  • Off White Spandex Cover
  • Easy to clean justVacuum or Machine Wash (see care instructions for best results).
  • Shade covers come in two sizes - Medium, and Large to fit most shades.

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Upgrade your existing lamp shade with a new Slip Cover!

Transform your existing lamp shade in minutes by adding a Lamp ShadeSlip Cover to your old shade. Instantly update your existing shade and cover any imperfections with a simple slip shade cover.
Installation is EASY! Pull the Lamp Shade Slip Cover over your oldshade it fits just like a t-shirt). They are form fitting, removableand stretch to fit. Replace your shade back on your lamp and you arefinished!
Now sit back and enjoy all the positive compliments from your friendsand relatives as they see your beautiful new lamp- but you don't haveto tell them your secret.

The Off White Shade Slip Cover is perfect way to update your existing shade.It is quick and easy to change and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Shade Slip Covers also protect brand new lampshades and keep them freshfor years to come.
  • Off White Spandex Cover
  • Easy to clean justVacuum or Machine Wash (see care instructions for best results).
  • Shade covers come in two sizes - Medium, and Large to fit most shades.

Read our LampshadeRe-Covering Guide to learn more about measuringyour shade and how to size a Lamp Shade Slip Cover.

Additional Information

How to measure a lamp shade


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