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Dolan Designs 8 T x 14 B x 11 H Petite Size Beige Linen medium square hardback shade 160144
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8" T x 14" B x 11" H Petite Size Beige Linen medium square hardback shade 160144 by Dolan Designs

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Dolan Designs


  • Linen Finish
  • This lampshade is designed to be used with Dolan Designs Mix and Match lamp bases, purchased separately
  • Lamp base is not included
  • Shade height is designed to be in proportion for use with all Dolan Designs Mix and Match lamp bases

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Linen is a timeless classic. The interweaving of horizontal and vertical threads shows the strength of the fabric and brings charm and a warm rich feeling to your room. With the hardback design these shades cast light above and below the lamp giving a glow like no other fabric. You will love the banding at the top and bottom of the shade and the crisp and clean look it gives. This shade is a natural linen color so it has a soft warm beige tone and a white liner. This linen shade works well with metal and ceramic bases and will enhance the look of many styles of rooms.

This stylish full-sized lamp shade is designed to be matched with full-sized mix-and-match lamp bases by Dolan Designs. Dolan Designs proudly presents the latest in lighting excellence. Each lamp shade in our mix and match program is a statement of style and beauty without sacrificing affordability. By combining this lamp shade with our coordinating lamp bases you can create your own unique look from dozens of possible combinations. We invite you to experience mix and match lighting from Dolan Designs for yourself.
  • Linen Finish
  • This lampshade is designed to be used with Dolan Designs Mix and Match lamp bases, purchased separately
  • Lamp base is not included
  • Shade height is designed to be in proportion for use with all Dolan Designs Mix and Match lamp bases
  • If not used with Dolan Mix and Match lamp bases, please measure your existing shade as new harp may be needed for a proper fit.
  • This shade is designed and manufactured by Dolan Designs as part of the Mix and Match series to coordinating with Dolan Mix and Match lamp bases.
  • 8" Top x 14" Bottom x 11" Slant Height
  • Drop from top of shade to spider fitter is 3/4"
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • The entire metal frame includes Dolans exclusive electrostatic Powder Coating, making your new shade easier to clean and resistant to rust, dirt and bacteria buildup. Dolan Designs environmentally-friendly powder coat process keeps your new shade from chipping, scratching or fading.

Add a matching lamp base from the selection below:

Benefits of this Lamp Shade

Why choose this Lamp Shade?

  • Revitalizes your lamp. Renew your favorite lamp with this shade from LampsUSA. This shade will freshen the look of your lamp and give it a new lease of life. You'll think you bought a whole new lamp, while still enjoying the style and qualities of the lamp base you love!
  • Protects your eyes. This shade protects you from the harsh glare of an exposed light bulb. A lamp base without a shade is not easy to look at. It's worth adding this shade to complete the lamp, if not to save your eyes then at least to hide the unsightly electrical parts.
  • Saves you from bare bulbs. Bare bulbs are bad, in so many ways. You can't look them in the eye, they cast a nasty glare in the room, and they don't look pretty. Wrap your bulb in a new shade and enjoy not just camouflage for your bulb, but the beautiful look of a quality textured surface, perhaps complete with bold colors or patterns which allow your lamp to shine and contribute to the style of your room.
  • Enables the use of your lamp again. You need light from your lamp, but you know it simply needs a new shade. Lamps serve a function of lighting your room and providing comfortable viewing. Without it all you can do is struggle. With this nice new shade fitted to your lamp you'll be able to use your lamp again right away and enjoy its benefits for years to come.
  • Creates a new look. Replacing a shade is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to refresh your lamp. Perhaps your old shade is broken, torn, distorted, dirty, colorless, missing entirely, or just plain ugly? Add this shade to your lamp today and you'll finally enjoy a fresh new lamp again.
  • Enhances your room. Simply switch out your lamp shade for a new one, selected to match the color and style of your decor. Bring out the color in another element of your room by matching the shade's color to it, or complement it with a contrasting or coordinating color.
  • Brings peace of mind. Peace and reassurance can be yours once you finally see your lamp with its beautiful new shade, and no longer notice all the reasons why you needed the upgrade. Alleviate yourself from those nagging reminders about how your lamp has `issues` - a fresh new shade to start the day!
  • Helps your family and friends. They have eyes too, and they need the functionality of your lamp just as much as you do. Free them from the burden of harsh light, or not enough light, so that they can enjoy your living space as much as you do.

High-Quality Construction

  • Sturdy frame maintains the shade's shape over time and ensures the shade material is held in perfect form, eliminating distortions, creases, or loss of shape.
  • Quality surface material ensures the shade is long-lasting, resistant to tearing, easily cleaned, and holds its color without significantly fading over time.
  • Easy to clean material takes the effort out of your spring cleaning. The durable surface resists wear and tear, while maintaining color and strength. See our Lamp Shade Cleaners to give your shade an extra gentle cleaning touch.
  • Uniform material provides even lighting, featuring an evenly distributed surface with continuous thickness, consistant across the whole shade, providing uniform light intensity without any unsightly bright or dark spots.
  • Standardized fitter is designed to attach easily to lamps and fixtures meeting widespread industry specifications. Simply ensure the shade has the right kind of fitter for your lamp (e.g. a `spider` fitter attaches to a `harp`) and it will work with your lamp. The lampshade always includes a fitter, because it forms part of the shade's framework and helps to hold the shape of the shade.
  • Minimal seams keep the light flowing and, while often necessary as part of the shade construction, are designed to block light as little as possible.

Enhances Your Room

  • Stop living in the dark! Not being able to see what you're doing isn't much fun, especially not on those darker days. If you're struggling with a lack of light fixtures or just not enough brightness, you know you need to find a shade so you can use your lamp comfortably. Before long you'll be settling into the comfort of your surroundings, lit gently yet helpfully with the light of your favorite lamp.
  • Sets the mood by modifying the light - while your light bulb has a lot to do with the 'color' of light, light filtering through a lamp shade changes the light's color, permitting certain wavelengths through and blocking others. Consider the color of your shade not just for its attractive appearance, but also as a way to modify the tone of light shining through the shade. Some `hardback` shades are designed to block light from passing through the shade, forcing it to bounce around inside and emit through the top and bottom for more directed light, usually with little influence on the light color. Think about how the color of this shade will give your room a certain tint and you can use this to your advantage, creating an atmosphere that is warm or cool based on your preferences. A whiter shade allows the most light through, a redder shade with make the light warmer, and a bluer shade will make the light cooler.
  • Coordinates with other elements in your room's decor to bring out the color in both. Alone, an object of a given color may look great, but coordinated with other objects of similar or complementary colors can add an extra 'something' that instills a sense of harmony and design. It's just like how colored clothing brings out your eyes!
  • Can be used in any room where you want light. Since lamps are portable they can be easily positioned in almost any room. Complete your lamp with a new shade to accent or hilight design themes in whichever room you're using it in. Matching wall colors? Matching fabrics? Maybe matching a carpet, rug or set of curtains? It'll look great!

Happiness Guaranteed

  • We feature top brands at LampsUSA, choosing only those brands with a reputation for quality and long-lasting appeal. We know you want your new shade to last a long time, and to continue looking fresh for the life of the lamp. Fear not, our shades are of the highest build quality and are constructed by skilled professionals.
  • Hassle free returns are easily accomplished with LampsUSA. Our friendly return policy ensures that if you don't like your shade, you can simply ship it back to us for a refund. Your shade will be expertly and thoroughly packed for safe shipping, sure to be delivered without dents or damage, but if you do need to return it - no problem!
  • Lowest prices, guaranteed! At LampsUSA our excellent lowest-price guarantee is our promise to you, that you're looking at the lowest prices available anywhere. If you can find a lower price, we in most cases can price-match with our 120% guarantee. But trust us, our pricing is second to none!
  • Our 1 Year Extended warranty is standard on every shade we ship. Whether the manufacturer provides the warranty or not, we back up every shade with our completely FREE, 1 year of extended coverage. If a defect rears its head within your first year of use, just let us know and we'll happily help you get it repaired or replaced.
  • One of the biggest selections of Lamp Shades available anywhere, is online right here at LampsUSA. Look no further for the style, color, size, fitter or design that suits your needs. We are continually adding new shade designs to give you even more options from small to large, in as many colors and and styles as possible.
  • Friendly support staff are on-hand to help you make the perfect selection. Unsure about the right size to get? Don't know if a shade you like will work with your lamp? Live Chat with our experts and we'll be happy to help you.
  • Learn more about lamp shades, including how to choose the right size and shape, from our expertly crafted, user-friendly Lamp Shade Buyer's Guide.

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Additional Information

Pair this Shade with a Lamp Base of your choice

The Full-Sized Mix-and-Match series allows you to customize the look of your new lamp. If you like this lamp shade, simply choose a full-sized mix-and-match lamp base to go with it.

Alternatively choose a full-sized mix-and-match lamp base that you like, and then pick a full-sized mix-and-match lamp shade to go with it. With many different combinations to choose from you should be able to create a custom look that's perfect for your room.

See also petite-sized mix-and-match lamp bases and shades for something a little smaller.
A Spider Fitter

This shade includes a Spider Fitter

The top of this shade is fitted with a `Spider` fitter, designed to fit on top of a harp. The spider is aptly named with multiple arms which extend out from a central ring to the edges of the top of the shade. The ring sits around the screw thread at the top of the harp, fastened by a screwed-on finial.

The shade does not come with a harp - typically the harp, a two-pronged loop of metal which comes up around the light bulb and joins at the top, is a part of your lamp base. If you need a new harp to go with your shade, see our selection of shade harps.

If your old harp is damaged or missing, or is not the correct height, you may need a new harp so that your new shade will be positioned correctly. Shades with a spider fitter typically have a `drop` of 1/2" to 1" where the spider arms recess downward into the shade to hide the top of the harp. Unless you a replacing an existing shade with a shade the same size you may need a different-sized harp.

You may want to measure from the top edge of the shade down to the center of the fitter. This makes the fitting less visible when viewing the lamp from the side but does raise the position of the shade by the drop distance. Also keep in mind you may prefer not to see any of the socket or bulb when viewing from the side.

See our Lamp Shade Buyer's Guide for more information.
How to measure a lamp shade

Measuring a Square or Rectangular Lamp Shade

Square/Rectangular shades are typically measured with three or more dimensions:
  • Top: Since square or rectangular shades have flat sides, or appear as a `box` when viewed from above, the top dimension is usually simply the width of the top of the shade along one edge. However, for a rectangular shade, the width is wider than the measurement from front to back, so you may need to measure both the top width (left to right) and the top depth (front to back).
  • Bottom: Since sqare or rectangular shades have flat sides, or appear as a `box` when viewed from below, the bottom dimension is usually simply the width of the bottom of the shade along one edge. However, for a rectangular shdae, the width is wider than the measurement from front to back, so you may need to measure both the bottom width (left to right) and the bottom depth (front to back).
  • Slant Height: The diagonal height/length measured in a straight line from the top edge of the shade to the bottom edge. Measure in the middle of the side of the shade from top to bottom. For shades with curved sides, continue to measure the slant height in a perfectly straight line.
When comparing this shade to the size of an existing shade, make sure to measure using the above rules.

For more information, see our Lamp Shade Buyer's Guide

Free Design Secret: Add a Finial!

A new finial on top of your shade can personalize your new lampshade! Show off your individual flair by finishing your lamp in grand style! Browse for a new lamp finial.

A finial features a screw-thread designed to fasten on top of your lampshade, to secure it to the harp. Decorative finials, designed to complement the style of your lamp base and shade, can add an extra touch of class or character.

Browse All Finials


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