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The bedroom is a place for rest, where you go to recharge. The importance of comfort is paramount, which is why the right lighting is just as important in this room, as it is throughout your home. When outfitting a bedroom with lighting, consider a table or desk lamp. If you are a reader, be sure to have enough light to avoid eye strain. Semi-flush and flush lighting are always popular in bedrooms, and many home can benefit from a ceiling fan in their bedrooms. Make your bedroom an oasis that recharges you. The right lighting can help get you there. Get inspired with our bedroom galleries.

What should bedroom lighting consist of, then?

Top of the light is Ambient Lighting. This is important for doing stuff before retiring for the night. However, ambient lighting should be provided by frosted or soft-light bulbs. The soft light from these bulbs will give the bedroom a soft glow, preparing homeowners for a good night’s sleep.

Aside from ambient lighting, a bedroom can also benefit from carefully placed track lighting. Light fixtures like decorative spotlights can be used to highlight wall art light paintings and framed photographs. Further, track lighting can also focus light on preferred areas and darken others.

Recessed lighting will also do a bedroom some good. With recessed lighting, homeowners can make their bedrooms more spacious as they get rid of the need to get table lamps or floor lamps. Plus, because this type of lighting is set inside the ceiling, the light produced does not create glare which hurts the eyes.

Lastly, bedroom lights should have dimmer switches. These switches are not the regular kinds. With a dimmer switch, the owner of the room can control the amount of light produced by the light fixture. This means that the homeowner’s preference for the kind of light is taken into consideration. Dimmer switches are perfect for children’s rooms and for creating a romantic atmosphere.

The bottom line

Bedroom lighting should be carefully picked for the benefit of the person staying in it. With the right kind of lighting fixture providing the right amount of illumination, the bedroom will surely serve its purpose of being the place of rest and relaxation.

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Malibu Collection

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Ed Lecciones | 0 comments
Lighting Galleries - Malibu Collection
Picture a delightful light fixture refreshing the whole look of your space. This is what the Malibu Collection from Home Solutions has to offer you. With its white opal shade etched glass shade and polished nickel finish, these lights will complement modern and contemporary spaces. This is perfect for living rooms, foyers, dining rooms, bathrooms and more. If you are looking to give your space a stylish update, the Home Solutions Malibu Series is an ideal choice. Coordinate the lighting all throughout your home with the other matching fixtures from the Malibu family.

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Hydrox Collection

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Ed Lecciones | 0 comments
Lighting Galleries - Hydrox Collection
For style and grace, the Hydrox Collection from ET2 is a great choice. These lights drip in black or white finish from a spiraling polished chrome pendant for a beautiful sight. Pooling into a transparent teardrop of soft light, this collection is definitely one-of-a-kind. A frost white glass core surrounds the soft incandescent source, giving a sheer glow that sways like the flow of the ocean. Take your pick from several sizes for every part of your home. When it comes to high quality lighting, the ET2 Hydrox Series will definitely not disappoint.

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Denmark Collection

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Ed Lecciones | 0 comments
Lighting Galleries - Denmark Collection
Add sleek style to your home with the captivating design of the Denmark Collection from Murray Feiss. These modern Danish-inspired lights capture the simple and clean Scandinavian design trend. Made of natural, hand-woven bamboo, the intricacy of the design of the outer shades and maize palette become obvious once the light shines from within. The sweeping looks of its metal arms along with its wispy almond crème glass gives an irresistible contemporary look. Take your pick between two finishes, Teco Marrone and Imperial Silver, and enhance your home’s decoration with the Murray Feiss Denmark Series.

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Hampton Collection

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Ed Lecciones | 0 comments
Lighting Galleries - Hampton Collection
The Hampton Collection from Hinkley Lighting will update your décor with its sleep contemporary design. The straight and clean lines of the shade coupled with the uniform rectangular-shade metal comes together to create one chic design. Take your pick between warm brushed bronze or antique nickel finish. The lights are completed with an off-white linen hardback shade and decorative acrylic bottom lens. Decorate your home with the Hinkley Hampton lights and warm your space glow in a warm, soft light.

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Chateau Blanc Collection

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Ed Lecciones | 0 comments
Lighting Galleries - Chateau Blanc Collection
For intricately and masterfully designed lights, go with the Chateau Blanc Collection by Feiss. A clean white-on-white is presented in a classic profile to match any interior design. Adding interest is its gracefully sculpted arms and scallops that feature shimmery prismatic glass crystal accents. And with a semi-gloss white finish, the contemporary interpretation of these light fixtures is complete. Add any of the lights from the Feiss Chateau Blanc Collection and watch your home sparkle.

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Adonis Collection

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Ed Lecciones | 0 comments
Lighting Galleries - Adonis Collection
The Adonis Collection by Quoizel. Clear, water glass surrounding another opal etched glass and a soft, clean relaxed country design makes this distinctive double glass treatment a unique collection. A warm dark copper toned bronze finish with oval metal tubing ends with flowing scrolled arms.

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