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Casual Lighting

Make a Glamorous Statement with Crystal Style Lighting

Crystal light fixtures brings light to life and bring sparkle and elegance to your room. For centuries crystal lighting has been a symbol of class and status. Named for the Greek word for ice, "krystallos," crystal lighting possesses an ethereal beauty that has enchanted mankind throughout the ages.
One of the big benefits to crystal is that it tends to compliment the modern styles of today, especially if your home is decorated in a contemporary style. Crystal is clear and it pairs well with silver finishes, gold finishes, brass finishes and everything in between, making it an extremely versatile material.

Today’s Varied Crystal Lights

Many people have come to associate crystal lighting with chandeliers, but we are seeing a wide range of crystals being used in pendants, flush mounts, and lamps. The use of crystal as an element in lighting has varied and evolved through time. The height of it as a design element came around during the development of lead glass back in 17th century in England.

Today, many people are unsure of what the difference is between crystal and glass. To put it simply, all crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. Confused? Don't worry! While it's true that crystal is a type of glass, it is important to note that not all glass is crystal. Crystal is glass that contains a certain amount of lead; though the exact amount of lead can vary from country to country. Modern crystal lighting is made of crystal components and metal materials. Modern crystal lights are gorgeous and dazzling, elegant and luxurious.

The Evolution of Crystal Lighting

The addition of lead gives crystal sparkle and clarity, making glass highly refractive. The problem with achieving refraction at that time was that rock crystal was quite rare and was very expensive, not to mention hard to achieve high levels of refraction with any consistency. But the discovery of a substitute by English glassmaker George Ravenscroft of a crystalline glass in 1676 eased everything easier. Also, when combined with lead oxide, this substitute material is made easier to work on, is refractive, and is more transparent than rock crystal. This lead to the increased demand for crystal lighting pieces.

From then on, English crystal has gone through so many experimentations, with the European continent still hoping that they will be able to catch up. Such kinds of attempts were evident in the creations of J. & L. Lobmeyer in Vienna as well as Baccarat in France who were able to attain exquisite lead crystal during the 1820s. Today, artisans have not stopped to push themselves and continue their attempts to achieve perfection in crystal.

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Crystal Style Lighting Today

Crystal lighting is a timeless choice, adding glamour and visual interest to any space! It is also more affordable than ever. Probably the most popular crystal light fixtures are chandeliers, and there may be as many types of chandeliers as there are kinds of crystal. Famous for their highly polished, hand cut crystal, chandeliers can often evoke the richness of diamonds while adding an enormous amount of light to a room. There are different kinds of chandeliers, some with candelabra style lights, while others offer a beaded, teardrop style with crystal in hues of blue, pink, purple, blue, gold, or black. There are many other types of crystal light fixtures, including traditional ceiling mount light fixtures, table lamps, sconces, and floor lamps. Crystal lights come in a variety of sizes and styles, from antique light fixtures to more modern multicolored designer lights. Crystal light fixtures can be elaborate, with chandelier type designs, or more subtle, like a basic floor lamp that has a crystal base. There are also crystal lights designed entirely for use in the bathroom. Installing a Crystal fixture can often change the atmosphere of a room, be it a foyer, formal dining area, or living room.

Thanks to today's sophisticated glass cutting techniques, owning a dazzling crystal fixture is more affordable than ever! Although crystal fixtures are now available in every price point, you'll still want to make sure you choose a piece that looks high-quality, and harmonizes with your home.

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 Waltz 2-Light Bath Vanity Chrome 184-2V
Browse Crystal Light Fixtures by Category
 Charlene 3-Light Chandelier Liberty Bronze F2756/3LBR
 Chateau Blanc 2-Light Sconce Semi Gloss White WB1227SGW
  Chic 4-Light Pendant Heritage 14304COHR   Waltz 2-Light Bath Vanity Chrome 184-2V
Crystal Chandeliers Crystal Wall Sconces Crystal Pendant Lights Crystal Bath Lights
 1" Cube Finial Brushed Nickel C106BN   Cobochon 2-Light Flush Mount Bronze CL1364   Echelon Groom Semi-Flush Chrome/Crystal 8981SFLGRM   30" Riviera 1-Light Table Lamp Polished Steel LS22285 
Crystal Finials & Charm Crystal Flush Mounts Crystal Semi Flush Crystal Table Lamps
 Autumn Twilight 4-Light Pendant Mystic Silver 9903-M1L MSI   5-Light Table Lamp Chrome LS-81135C 
Crystal Mini Pendant Crystal Floor Lamps
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