Uno-Fitter Shades
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Uno-Fitter Shades

Uno Fitter Lampshades connect directly to the lamp socket, then you can screw in the light bulb.  There are 3 basic types of Uno fitters.  Most of ours are "Downbridge" fitters, which have a 1 1/4" threading on the inside to connect to a threaded socket of a down bridge floor lamp.  Also common in accent lamps are slip uno fitters, which fit over the socket with no threading and is held in place by the light bulb.  Uno shades are not very common, so check out our selection.  If you don't see what you need, you might be able to buy a spider fitter shade and convert it with our uno converter.  So how many Uno shades does it take to screw in a light bulb?  Well only one but it needs to be connected to the socket first.

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HomeConcept 6" T x 12" B x 8" H Threaded UNO Downbridge Lamp Shade White 061208EHWH

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HomeConcept 6" T x 12" B x 8" H Threaded UNO Downbridge Lampshade Light Oatmeal 061208EHLO

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