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Width 2 To 3 Inch Shop by Brand

Lighting Manufacturers at LampsUSA feature top lighting brands, top brands for lamps and home decor, top brands for ceiling fans and lampshades and more. We do the hard work of finding the best so you can get what you like. Our Lighting Manufacturers feature top-quality merchandise you can trust. All of our lighting and home furnishing brands are backed up by our extended 1 year iron-clad warranty.
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$7.74    $34.99 In Stock

Lampsusa 27 Watt Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb PL27QBX4PC

$20.99    $32.99 In Stock

Lampsusa Antique Metal Birds on Nest Finial B395A

$22.99    $26.99 A few left!

Lampsusa Extra Large Antique Brass Three Birds in Nest Finial 11078A

$23.99    $34.49 A few left!

Lampsusa Oriental Dragon Finial Antique Metal 11077A

$15.99    $22.99 A few left!

Lampsusa Antique Metal Songbirds Finial B379A

$9.99    $49.99 In Stock

Lampsusa 2-pack of LED Flameless Candles White FLACANRND2PC

$12.99    $16.99 In Stock

Lampsusa Cast Resin Roman Finial Antique Brass 11033B

$15.99    $19.99 A few left!

Lampsusa Extra Large Vine Design Finial Cast Polished Brass 11080

$1.99    $5.99 In Stock

Lampsusa Brass Plated Saddle 90SADL

$11.87    $17.99 A few left!

Outdoor Indoor Dusk to Dawn Candelabra Light Control 3pk SLC2BCB3

$11.49    $17.99 A few left!

Outdoor Indoor Programmable Light Control for Incandescent CFL LED Bulbs SLC6CBC4

$15.99    $19.99 0 left!

Lampsusa Extra Large Cast Resin Pine Cone Finial Antique Brass 11032B

$9.99    $59.99 In Stock

Lampsusa 2-pack of LED White Taper Candles with Glass Holders FLATAP92PCWT

$89.95    $119.99 In Stock

Verilux Lamps Happy Light 6000 Therapy Box VT05FWW1

+Free Shipping 1-DayShip
$10.99    $17.58 In Stock

Homeconcept 2x4x4 Candelabra Stretch White Clip-On Lamp 020303STWH

$15.99    $19.99 In Stock

Lampsusa Double Scroll Finial Antique Brass 11075A


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