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Cream Shades by Fitter

A new harp to match the fitter on your lamp shade can mean the difference between not-quite-right and just-so. With several sizes and finishes to choose from, LampsUSA gives you the freedom to create the perfect look. Most fitters are "washer" or Spider fitters because the 3-4 spokes point to a center washer, much like a spider's web.  Most candelabra shades use a clip fitter to attach directly to the light bulb.  Want to just raise your shade by an inch or so? Try a shade riser.

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Dolan Designs 6" T x 18" B x 13" H Creme Brulee Empire Hard Back Shade 140051

$47.25 $31.50  10+ left!

Lite Source 3" T x 6" B x 5" H Leaf Jacquard Candelabra Shade CH51306

$26.99 $18.00  10+ left!

Lite Source 4" T x 11" B x 8.5" H Cream Bell Shade CH10111

$38.99 $25.50  10+ left!

Lite Source 6" T x 16" B x 12" H Cream Woven Stripe Bell Shade CH116016

$65.99 $44.00  10+ left!

LampsUSA 3" T x 6" B x 4.5" H Cream Bamboo Linen Clip-on Chandelier Shade 902486

$9.99 $5.72  10+ left!

LampsUSA 3" T x 5" B x 4.25" H Ivory Floral Chandelier Shade 902362

$9.99 $5.72  10+ left!

LampsUSA 3" T x 5" B x 4" H Natural Chandelier Shade 180225AFN

$19.99 $9.99  10+ left!

LampsUSA 13" T x 16" B x 11" H Natural Floor Shade 1801116BWN

$47.99 $24.99  6 left!
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