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Multi colored Z lite Semi Flush Mounts

Find high quality ceiling lighting fixtures at! We offer our entire collection to homeowners, contractors and interior designers at the lowest price possible. Our large selection includes different color lighting, styles and designs suitable for any room. Do you prefer modern to traditional? Or is your design preference more classical? We have more than 900 semi flush lighting fixtures for you to choose from. So whether you are looking for something to transition into your current decor or want to completely remodel a room, we have just what you're looking for when it comes to fixtures for your ceiling lights.

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Z-Lite Moa 3-Light Ceiling Chestnut Bronze Z1642SF

$391.99 $261.00  10+ left!
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Z-Lite Shalimar 3-Light Ceiling Chestnut Bronze Z1445SF

$472.99 $315.00  10+ left!
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Z-Lite Albany 3-Light Ceiling Chestnut Bronze Z141010C

$458.99 $306.00  10+ left!
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Z-Lite Hudson 3-Light Ceiling Chestnut Bronze Z1433SF

$398.99 $265.50  10+ left!
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Z-Lite Vidonia 3-Light Ceiling Chestnut Bronze Z1637SF

$472.99 $315.00  10+ left!
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