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Rectangular Mirrors
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Feiss Rectangular Mirrors

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Rectangular Mirrors

Get a rectangular mirror or matching rectangular mirrors at LampsUSA. All available in any size or rectangle or square mirror. These mirrors look great in a bathroom as a vanity mirror.

Square Mirrors

Get a square mirror for any room at LampsUSA. Square mirrors look great as modern mirrors or antique brass mirrors.

These Feiss rectangular mirrors will complete your bathroom redesign. Browse a variety of sizes to find the perfect mirror for your space. Many of these mirrors also come in decorative designs that make them great accent pieces for a living room wall or entry way, or as a unique bathroom mirror.

Square mirrors can be better space expanders than round mirrors since they provide a bigger viewing surface. Search for the perfect Feiss mirror to meet your needs. Try placing a mirror behind a lamp for extra lighting.

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Shop by Width:  20" 24" 28" 36" 40"     Shop by Height:  28" 32" 36" 40" 
$157.00    $235.99 In Stock

Feiss 36x24" Infinity Mirror MR1154

+Free Shipping
$209.00    $313.99 In Stock

Feiss 30x24" Dorchester Oil Rubbed Bronze Mirror MR1046ORB

+Free Shipping
$116.00    $173.99 In Stock

Feiss 28x22" Infinity Mirror MR1152

+Free Shipping
$471.00    $706.99 In Stock

Feiss Rectangular Mirror Polished Silver MR1222PSL

+Free Shipping
$471.00    $706.99 In Stock

Feiss Square Mirror White Wash Coconut MR1214WWHC

+Free Shipping
$512.00    $767.99 A few left!

Feiss Square Mirror Antique Silver Leaf MR1199ASLF

+Free Shipping
$184.00    $275.99 In Stock

Feiss 34x28" Galaxy Mirror Silver Leaf MR1115SL

+Free Shipping
$237.00    $355.99 In Stock

Feiss 37x27" Ethan Mirror Antique Forged Iron MR1107AF

+Free Shipping
$180.00    $269.99 0 left!

Feiss 30x24" Antiqua Mirror Antique Mirror MR1141AMR

+Free Shipping
$278.00    $416.99 In Stock

Feiss 30x24" Halstad Mirror Chrome MR1093CH

+Free Shipping
$223.00    $334.99 In Stock

Feiss 30x24" Halstad Mirror Brushed Steel MR1093BS

+Free Shipping
$186.00    $278.99 In Stock

Feiss 33x23" Parker Place Mirror Brushed Steel MR1089BS

+Free Shipping
$286.00    $428.99 0 left!

Feiss Rectangular Mirror Hi Gloss Black MR1209HGB

+Free Shipping
$286.00    $428.99 0 left!

Feiss Beton Rectangular Mirror Cement Board MR1220CMB

+Free Shipping
$339.00    $508.99 0 left!

Feiss Mosaic Mirror Electric Platinum MR1210EP

+Free Shipping
$532.00    $797.99 0 left!

Feiss Rectangular Mirror Penny MR1204PNY

+Free Shipping
$25.00    In Stock

Lampsusa Gift Card $25

$50.00    In Stock

Lampsusa Gift Card $50


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