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Office Clocks
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Howard Miller Office Clocks

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Office Clock

Decisions, decisions. Should you get an office desk clock or an office wall clock for your work space? How about both! You can never be too on time for that important meeting! Having a modern table clock that matches your world wall clock can't hurt. Who doesn't feel prestige when they see a beautiful, ornate wood clock sitting on an executive's desk? Feel that same prestige daily when you walk into your own office with your new office clock.

Always late for the big meeting? Need to make better use of your time at work? How about a new office desk clock or office wall clock to get you on the right track? It's time to save money on these great styles that match any office decor.

If you need a Howard miller office clock, LampsUSA's selection should provide a multitude of options. Office clocks typically are needed to match the office decor and reputation. Howard miller has been producing premier office clocks since the very beginning. The founder, Howard Miller made it his goal to produce products displaying incomparable quality, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Today, Howard Miller office clocks are heirlooms that can be passed on for generations. A Howard Miller office clock isn't just another thing to put in your home; It becomes a part of your life-story.

You will find lots of wooden trim and stylish metal clocks in this collection. Browse accurate, highly visible wall clocks or more sophisticated desk clocks.

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$51.45    $73.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Walker Alarm Clock Rosewood Hall 645480

+Free Shipping
$32.55    $46.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Derrick Alarm Clock Rosewood Hall 645602

$51.45    $73.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Chronicle Wall Clock Metallic Gray 625195

+Free Shipping QuickShip
$62.65    $89.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Accuwave II Atomic Wall Clock 625205

+Free Shipping
$51.45    $73.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Santa Fe Wall Clock Champagne Oak 625355

+Free Shipping
$57.75    $82.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Sounds of the Season Tabletop Clock Silver 645687

+Free Shipping
$46.55    $66.50 In Stock

Howard Miller Easton Wall Clock Spun Nickel 625207

$35.00    $50.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Kalvin Wall Clock 625418

$58.80    $84.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Windsor Carriage Table-top Clock Brass 645530

+Free Shipping
$71.40    $102.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Gallery Wall Wall Clock Black 625166

+Free Shipping
$163.80    $234.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Athens Table-top Clock Brushed Brass 613627

+Free Shipping
$36.40    $52.00 In Stock

Howard Miller Virgo Wall Clock Oil-Rubbed Bronze 625381


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