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Mix-and-Match Full-Size Lamps
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Dolan Designs Mix-and-Match Full-Size Lamps

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Lamp bases and lamp shades

Choose a lamp base, choose a lamp shade, create a lamp! On behalf of Dolan Designs we present a wide selection of full-size mix-and-match lamp bases and lamp shades. Simply choose your ideal combination from dozens of possibilities, creating the perfect look for your rooms.

Table Lamp Bases

Our lamp bases for table lamps allow you to remodel your table lamp, perhaps keeping your old lampshade or by enabling you to assemble the exact combination of lamp base and lamp shade that you want. Hundreds of combinations are possible.

Table Lamp Shades

Pair your table lamp base with a new lampshade designed to complement the lamp base, and you've got your own customized table lamp. The combination of a new lamp base and lamp shade is hard to beat.

Meant to be matched with a full-size Dolan Designs shade, these Dolan Designs full-size table lamp bases allow you to customize the look of your new lamp. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Simple, clean, and elegant are all defining characteristics of Dolan mix-and-match full-size lamps. Inspired by Northwestern design, Dolan Designs strives to bring the best finishes and styles to your home. A mix-and-match full-size lamp can quickly change the look of a room.

Matching lamp bases and lampshades

No need to wonder if that replacement lamp shade you like will fit the lamp base you bought, because Dolan makes it easy to fit the right size lampshade with the proper table lamp base. Just make sure they both shade the same mix-and-match designation.

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Top Mix-and-Match Full-Size Lamps
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$31.50    $47.25 In Stock

Dolan Designs 6x18x13 Creme Brulee Empire Hard Back Shade 140051

$31.50    $47.25 0 left!

Dolan Designs 14x16x11.5 Linen Hard Back Shade 140010

$34.50    $51.75 A few left!

Dolan Designs 8x17x12.5 Hollandaise Mixand Match Round Bell Soft Back Shade with Piping 140063

$40.50    $60.75 A few left!

Dolan Designs 6x18x12.5 Linen Empire Random Pleat Soft Back Shade 140052

$37.50    $56.25 A few left!

Dolan Designs 7x19x13 Corn Silk Round Bell Soft Back with Piping 140064

$34.50    $51.75 A few left!

Dolan Designs 6x18x13 Papyrus Mixand Match Empire Hard Back Shade 140054

$43.50    $65.25 0 left!

Dolan Designs 6x16x12 Hide Square Soft Back Shade 140041

$43.50    $65.25 0 left!

Dolan Designs 6x16x12.5 Taupe Square Soft Back Shade 140042

$40.50    $60.75 A few left!

Dolan Designs 8x18x12.5 Sangria Round Bell Soft Back Shade 140066

$31.50    $47.25 A few left!

Dolan Designs 6x18x13 Champagne Coolie Hard Back Shade 140050


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