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Royal Designs Mini Chandelier Shades

Small lamp shades

Small lamp shades restore life to your chandelier. Our small chandelier lamp shades make it easy! These small lamp shades replace the mini lamp shades on your chandelier as a complete set and give your chandelier a whole new look. We've got replacement lamp shades small enough for practically any chandelier.

Mini chandelier shades

Each mini clip on lamp shade comes with clips that attach it directly to the candelabra bulb of the chandelier. Once clipped on, you're done! No further purchases are necessary to equip your light fixtures with clip on chandelier lamp shades.

Ceiling light shades

Small lamp shades are quite different to regular ceiling light shades because they must provide enough coverage over the light bulb but still maintain proportion to the light fixture. There is a careful balance between light bulb heat being too near the shade surface, and visual beauty from a full set of ceiling lamp shades working together.

Lamp shades for ceiling lights

We offer a wide variety of mini chandelier lampshades in various colors and designs, including white lamp shades and black lamp shades, and lampshades in bold accent colors. Shipping is only $3 per shade and always free for orders over $49! Add a set of small lamp shades to your dining room or living room chandelier today!

Chandelier lamp shades

A new Chandelier Lampshade will upgrade your favorite ceiling lighting. You can quickly select the right lamp shade and be confident in your selection. These small light shades come in many sizes, so be sure to measure your existing chandelier shades if you can. Also verify your bulb size, as most clip on to a standard candelabra style light bulb.

A new chandelier lamp shade will help you quickly update your room to match your favorite style home decor. Customers love small chandelier shades because they reduce the glare from your bare bulbs and add a touch of class to your favorite chandelier.

Because clip-on chandelier shades are a personal expression, choose a reputable manufacturer.

Replacement lamp shades

Most customers know it is time for new lamp shades for their ceiling lamps when their current shades gets brittle, yellow or just goes out of style. Clip on chandelier shades make it easy to give your chandelier a whole new face lift. You'll be thrilled with how it looks like a whole new light fixture once your new chandelier shades are in place.

Small light shades are cute yet elegant, colorful yet tasteful. Choose from our wide selection of mini light shades in many colors, shapes and sizes today.


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