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Egg shell Height 4 to 5 inch Mini Chandelier Shades

Adding some life to a smaller light fixture or lamp has never been easier with the introduction of our mini chandelier shades! These shades are designed to fit over smaller appliances and are the perfect way to add some color to a home or office chandelier.

Installation is simple - each mini chandelier shade comes with clips that attach it directly to the "candelabra" of the chandelier. Once clipped on, you're already done! No further purchases are necessary to equip your light fixtures with these shades.

We offer a wide variety of mini chandelier shades in colors and designs from white and black to bold accent colors. Shipping is only $3 per shade and always free for orders over $49! Add a new shade to your dining room chandelier today!
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Top Mini Chandelier Shades
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Lite Source 3" T x 6" B x 5" H Eggshell Antique Satin Empire Bell Shade CH5266

$31.99 $15.75  10+ left!

HomeConcept 3x5x5 Egg Beige Chandelier Clip-On Lampshade 020504HEEB

$23.98 $14.99  10+ left!

HomeConcept 3x5x4 Candelabra Stretch Eggshell with Liner Clear Beads 030504BSES

$23.98 $14.99  10+ left!

HomeConcept 3x3x5 Traditional Chandelier Clip-On Square Lampshade 225505QPES

$23.98 $14.99  10+ left!
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