LED Accent Lamps
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LED Accent Lamps

LED Light illuminates your LED Lamps and LED Light Fixtures. LED Lighting is the cutting-edge technology for extremely low-energy LED Lamps and LED Light Fixtures. What are LED Lights? LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, an electronic component that emits light as electricity passes through it. Unlike a light bulb it contains a diode in a solid casing with no use of special gases. LED Lighting produces a lot of light for very little energy (using only a few Watts), far more energy-efficient even than compact fluorescent lights.

An LED lamp or LED Light fixture usually features several very bright LED bulbs which create a bright white light. The long-lasting LED Lights are so efficient they can last up to 100,000 hours of usage. Let's just say your lamp or light fixture will likely fail before the LED bulbs do. You'll never have to replace the bulbs or pay for new ones. The integrated LED light bulbs run cool and super-efficient, have no problem being touched (when cool) and produce much less heat than regular bulbs.

Free from the hazardous gases and mercury of other types of light bulbs, LED lights are extremely safe and require no maintenance. Their low power consumption will save you a lifetime of bulb-replacement charges, not to mention a greatly reduced electricity bill - saving several times as much energy as any other type of light, even fluorescent. Compared to light fixtures with old incandescent bulbs or high energy halogen bulbs, LED Lighting from an LED light fixture or LED lamp will practically pay for itself over its lifetime.

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LampsUSA Satco LED Directional Night Light with Photo Sensor White 75040

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Dimond 1-Light LED 3-Way Accent Lamp Amethyst Stone D2492LED

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Dimond Southend 1-Light LED Accent Lamp White Shell D2497LED

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Dimond Tamworth 1-Light LED Accent Lamp White D2522LED

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