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Kit Cat Clocks

Ever since they went on sale 80 years, one Kit Cat Clock is purchased every three minutes. This 100% American-made clock has been keeping and telling the time since 1932 with its “moving eyes and wagging tail”.

The Kit Cat Clocks were introduced during the Great Depression. With its inviting smile, it bought smile to families even in that state of economic depression. The original clocks were run through electricity. During the late 1980s, with the advent of new technology, the mechanism became battery operated.

Today, it still continues to charm families all over the world. Aside from being a staple in most kitchens, it has also made its way into clothing, video games, commercials, movies, books, and movies. It carries the mission of giving people a smile, love, and energy.

The Kit Cat Clock has become a cherished family timepiece that has been handed down from one generation to the next. So to ensure that it will stand the test of time, each clock is examined and tested individually for good workmanship.
Kit Cat Clocks
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Kit Cat Classic Black Kit-Cat Clock BC1

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Kit Cat Classic Black Lady Kit-Kat Clock with Necklace LBC1

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Kit Cat Classic Radiant Orchid Lady Kit-Kat Clock with Necklace LBC37

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