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Full Spectrum Lamps
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  • Height 6 to 7 inches
  • Height 12 to 13 inches
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  • Width 2 to 3 inches
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  • Width 2 to 3 inches
  • Width 6 to 7 inches
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Full Spectrum Lamps

Full spectrum lamps are the ideal companion for your office, home or work desk. Full spectrum lamps go by many different names: Balanced Spectrum, Natural Spectrum, Natural Sunlight, Daylight Spectrum, or any combination of these. What they all have in common is that full spectrum lamps use up to 75% less energy, stay cool, and give bright, warm light with startling clarity.

Full Spectrum Bright Reader Lighting

The advantage of full spectrum Bright Reader and EZ Reader lighting is that it can effectively replicate natural lighting. While most other light bulbs and lighting systems only produce certain areas of the light spectrum, full spectrum lamps not only provide a more complete light, but a light that is easier on the eyes than most artificial lights. These are often Energy-Star approved as well.

LampsUSA's selection of Bright Reader and EZ Reader full spectrum lamps includes fantastic floor and desk lamps as well as therapy sun boxes and energy efficient LED light bulbs. For areas of the home or office that don't get enough natural light, these can be essential additions. Reading and studying with a full spectrum lamp by your side lends a noticeable difference when compared to more common bulbs and lamps. It can also make a vital addition to the indoor garden due to the full spectrum of natural light they supply. If your garden is frequently blocked by shade during various times throughout the day, a full spectrum lamp can give your garden a steady glow as if it was continuously basking in sunlight. Bring the benefits of full spectrum light into your home or office with an Bright Reader or EZ Reader full spectrum lamp from LampsUSA!

Realize the power of nature's sunlight with a full spectrum-enabled lamp. The full spectrum bulbs, included in these lamps for free, produces a glare-free and comfortable light. This light closely simulates the spectrum of real sunlight, showing colors and intensities in their natural form rather than modifying them with a tint or glare. Full spectrum fluorescent bulbs are designed to last far longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

A full spectrum lamp is a great investment for yourself, your office, your friends, and your family. Not only is it gentle on your eyes, reduces eye strain, and is excellent for crafts and reading, a full spectrum light is great for anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the winter blues. The full-spectrum light helps to support your body's systems and alleviate the darker winter days.

These full spectrum lamps gives you natural balanced spectrum light - perfect for reading or needle-work. A full spectrum desk or floor lamp is especially useful because it is "portable" light that gives perfect glare-free light where you need it most.

A natural spectrum lamp gives you great task light for reading or hand work. See colors and details only possible in natural sunlight.

You might choose a full spectrum lamp rather than a table lamp or pendant if you don't have spare table space or you need to balance a room.

Over the 8,000 hour life of these fluorescent spectrum bulbs, you will save up to $80 in electricity! We are proud to offer full spectrum lamps to provide glare-free light which will reduce eye strain caused by bad lighting.

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Dimond 1-Light 3-Way LED Floor Lamp Gold Leaf D2591LED

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$558.00    $836.99 In Stock

Dimond 1-Light 3-Way Floor Lamp Gold Leaf D2591

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Lampsusa 27 Watt Full Spectrum Replacement Bulb PL27QBX4PC

$19.99    $43.99 In Stock

Verilux Lamps Natural Light 27 Watt Bulb CFML27VLX

$24.95    $43.99 In Stock

Verilux Lamps Natural Light 36 Watt Bulb CFL36VLX

$25.00    In Stock

Lampsusa Gift Card $25

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