Chicago Lighthouse
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Chicago Lighthouse

Chicago Lighthouse Industries is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which employs over 30 people who are blind, either in their manufacturing plant and in other businesses. For more than a century, the Lighthouse has remained a trendsetter in providing programs and opportunities for blind and visually-impaired individuals.

All of their employees are either legally or totally blind, some with additional disabilities. The use of appropriate adaptive technology where necessary allows their employees to perform as efficiently and effectively as people without physical disabilities. From their simple beginnings in 1906, they have become one of America’s most comprehensive social service agencies.

Under their roof is the oldest and most well-known Low Vision Clinic in the nation. This is also one of the last remaining clock manufacturing factories in the country. This is where their visually-impaired workers create the atomic wall clocks that are then distributed and sold around the world.

Despite the current challenges in the economy these days, the agency is positive that their future will champion the interests of blind and disabled Americans. Chicago Lighthouse Industries manufactures quality clocks to the highest standards. Buying these clocks helps to keep blind and visually impaired persons employed.
Chicago Lighthouse
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