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View all bai-design-clocks Trends might come and go but it is only time that can tell if the so-called great designs of today will remain great or get lost with the new fads that come after it. In their endless pursuit to create the most unique, functional, and most daring timepieces, Bai Design leaves no material, color, and type font undiscovered.

Designed by Thomas Bai, along with his team of creative designers and experienced engineers, the company offers contemporary and attractive clocks. From wall clocks to alarm clocks, desk clocks, their creations include a very wide spectrum to cater to every taste of preference of their customers.

To come up with their designs, they have gone through the grueling and tedious processes of looking into the latest home and lifestyle evaluations and brainstorming for the most creative design concepts. This has enabled them to come up with timepieces that will stand out from all the other timepieces in the market.

Using only the highest of quality in raw components and materials, Bai Design ensures that their pieces will truly stand the test of time. So not only will you get a timepiece that has a unique design, you are also assured that they have a lasting quality.

Bai Design believes in setting the trend, not in following them. Their modern and stylish designs will bring out a playful yet sophisticated element that will surely complement any home or office.
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Top Bai Design Clocks
Shop by Width:  2" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16"     Shop by Height:  2" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 
$49.99    $74.99 In Stock

Bai Design 15"h Speedmaster Wall Clock Silver/Black 925SSB

+Free Shipping
$49.99    $74.99 In Stock

Bai Design Wall Clock Silver 669GS

+Free Shipping
$40.00    $59.99 In Stock

Bai Design Round Diecast Solid Metal Travel Alarm Clock Silver 513CY

$33.00    $49.99 In Stock

Bai Design 4"h Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock Chartreuse 563LA

$36.00    $53.99 In Stock

Bai Design 4"h Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock Gun Metal 554CG

$18.00    $26.99 In Stock

Bai Design 6"h Studio Wall Clock Silver/Formula 1 Black 814FB

$33.00    $49.99 In Stock

Bai Design 4"h Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock Espresso 561LA

$43.00    $64.99 In Stock

Bai Design World Trotter Solid Aluminum Travel Alarm Clock Silver 574LA

$26.05    $41.99 In Stock

Bai Design 10"h Bodoni Wall Clock Silver/Black 831QM

$35.00    $52.99 In Stock

Bai Design 12"h Retro Kitchen Timers Clock Black 280BK

$36.00    $53.99 In Stock

Bai Design 4"h Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock Orange 554CO

$33.00    $49.99 In Stock

Bai Design 4"h Pick-Me-Up Alarm Clock Mega Titanium 565MG


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