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Get The Look - Spa Dazzling Blue Page 5 in Get The Look

Posted on July 10, 2014 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Throw on a robe, crank up the Enya, and relax with these beautiful, calming colors in this year's Pantone Spring 2014 palette pick - Dazzling Blue!  The color trend for spring inspires the soft, spa-like feel in the room with blue and green muted tones in lighting choices.  When looking to bring that spa-feeling into your room, the color choices can range from a true blue to a sea-foam green.  Light reflected from fixtures with these colors, makes the room appear soft and relaxing.  The perfect color palette to help you unwind at the end of the day.
$217.80    $341.99 A few left!

Uttermost Meena 2-Way Table Lamp Clear Blue Mouth Blown Glass 278621

+Free Shipping 1-DayShip
$149.99    $245.99 In Stock

Stein World Shae 1-Light Table Lamp Diego Blue 90026

+Free Shipping
$151.99    $227.99 In Stock

Signature Design Reece Set of 2 Table Lamps Blue L432054

+Free Shipping 1-DayShip
$419.99    $629.99 In Stock

Quoizel Mica Leaf 2-Light Floor Lamp Bronze Patina MC410F

+Free Shipping
$469.80    $782.99 In Stock

Meyda Tiffany La Spiaggia 1-Light Wall Sconce Nickel 108128

+Free Shipping
$397.80    $662.99 Custom Made

Meyda Tiffany Pietre 1-Light Wall Sconce Silver in Fused Green Shade 98907

+Free Shipping
$198.00    $296.99 In Stock

Jezebel Radiance 1-Light Flame Mini-Pendant Seafoam Green JRBRFP12SEA

+Free Shipping
$458.00    $686.99 In Stock

Elk Lighting Mulinello 3-Light Pendant Satin Nickel/Jade 5173J

+Free Shipping
$56.00    $83.99 In Stock

Lite Source Kel 1-Light Mini Pendant Polished Steel LS19490AQUA

+Free Shipping
$121.00    $181.99 In Stock

Quorum 1-Light Pendant Satin Nickel with Aqua 8251265

+Free Shipping
$116.82    $176.99 In Stock

Kichler Casita 1-Light Mini Pendant Brushed Nickel 65336

+Free Shipping
$145.00    $227.99 A few left!

Signature Design Reece Set of 2 Table Lamps Blue OPEN BOX L432054OPEN

+Free Shipping 1-DayShip
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