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Posted on July 25, 2014 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments

Having trouble sewing, reading, or typing because of inadequate and incorrect lighting? A task lamp should allow you to do these intricate and detailed work with the least eye strain and troubles. Such lamps have been specifically designed so that you are provided with proper illumination to efficiently perform task or hobbies that require extensive lighting.

Looking for the perfect task lamp does not have to be as hard as you might think it is. You only need to keep in mind a few factors and tips and you should be on your merry way of enjoying your new task lamp in your workplace.

4 Essential Shopping Tips for Task Lamps

  • Size. If you reckon that you might be working or studying from one area to another, it would be a good move to opt for a clip-on lamp. It is light and portable so carrying to other spaces is not such a pain.
  • Brightness. Desk jobs require much lighting to allow you to see clearly. For such purpose, a LED lamp would be sufficient. If you will be working on things that require attention to detail, a fluorescent lamp would be best.
  • Style. Remember that buying fixtures is not always about functionality. You also have to consider the overall look and scheme of the room along with its existing décor so that the lamp does not seem out of place.
  • Wattage. High-wattage bulbs can make the lamp too hot and damage it. However, this should not be a reason for you to veer away from purchasing bulb with high wattage; just ensure that you do the necessary precautions to stay away from any dangers.

Other and less popular styles of tasks lamps include crystal, themed, novelty, and rustic styles. With all these choices, you should find something that best suits you and your home.

5 Leading Trends in Task Lamps

The coming and going of the trends in lamps follows suit with the way that people live along with the overall look of their homes. In a nutshell, today’s consumers are younger individuals living in cramped spaces who are on the quest for greening the home environment. With such features, here are the trends in lamps.

  • New Shape: Arc lamps have grown to more preferred than floor lamps. This is attributed to the popularity of sectional seating along with the mid-century modern look.
  • Different Proportions: Small shades with squat bases. This is something that is creating waves because of the unique look that it gives off.
  • Cleaner Look: Whether you are going for a traditional or modern look, the in vogue lamps are those that provide attention to design without going overboard on embellishments.
  • Green Sensibility: LED task lamps are the most energy-conscious lighting choice for today’s homeowners as incandescent bulbs are slowly exiting the scene.
  • Different Material and Texture: Resins and plastics appear to make and exit as metal, glass, and crystal are stealing the scene. Antique and distressed finishes are also making a comeback.

How Much Light Do I Exactly Need?

Since you will be using a task lamp to perform jobs that require adequate illumination, you will have to consider just how much light you actually need.

  • If you will only need subtle lighting, a task lamp that has a white or off-white shade will be best if you will be dealing with detailed work. Otherwise, a darker or translucent shade should do the trick.
  • A three-way bulb or more can give you flexible lighting for whatever purpose. The task lamps offer flexibility as most designs have built-in dimmers to offer a range of lighting levels.

A good lighting recommendation stands in the form of energy- saving fluorescent bulbs. As compared to the standard incandescent bulbs, the former have a longer life and considerably uses less energy.

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