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Buyer's Guides - Restoration Style Tips

Restoration Style Tips in Buyer's Guides

Posted on May 27, 2014 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments

One of the more ironic trends in the recent lighting in the home design as well as in commercial settings has been the resurgence of the Restoration and Early Electric styles. It’s accentuating, beautifying and defining. From the distinctive charm of timeless style it can be combined into your home’s lighting design elements which will highlight and add interest without looking old and dated.

Restoration Style History

Restoration Style was derived from Charles II after he was restored to the throne of England in 1660. During this period a big richness was noted in English design, architecture and art. Upon his return from the Netherlands and France he and his followers brought with them the latest European styles.

Take a trip back to 1920's Venice with delicate milk glass sconces in your powder room, or the regal elegance of an embellished Victorian crystal chandelier in your staircase or foyer. Bring a taste of medieval Europe to your dining room with a dramatic round iron chandelier. Most Vintage style collections span throughout time including ceiling lights, pendants, sconces, chandeliers and bathroom fixtures, as well as floor lamps and table lamps.

Today’s restoration styles are enhanced environments that are based on roots, traditions, history, heritage and so many other foundational values that families are seeking today more than ever. The design satisfied historical requirements with its attention to authentic details and materials.

Restoration Style Characteristics

In the 21st Century, top interior designers and consumers alike seek out lighting fixtures and decor products featuring materials that appear to from the roaring 1920's and it's easy to see why. These styles feature clean lines that fit perfectly with the simple silhouettes of modern design but also exude a touch of old-world romanticism. The restoration design captures the romantic classicism of years gone by. Restoration style lighting brings together years of classic designs-from the turn of the century, to Modern and industrial Eras-plus everything in between. These fixtures make great additions to today’s vintage style home or office.

Steam Punk Movement

A sub-genre of the restoration movement that is hot right now is the retro “Steam Punk” craze. Steam punk enthusiasts like everything overly-engineered, with plenty of vacuum tubes. Harkening back to the turn of the century, Steam Punk is an oxymoronic “retro-futuristic” look that features mechanical designs that relied on steam-power. Think of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells devices. Lighting is just one segment of the steam-punk movement which crosses over into fashion and art in addition to home decorating.

Decorating with Restoration Lighting

It’s about combining old world style and modern technology. The restoration design resembles an early electric look and includes historic pieces like Edison lights and School House lights. This trend is distinguished by stainless steel, halophane glass- icon in "vintage" style lighting, and the geometric shapes often used in turn-of-the-century industrial design. Restoration lighting and ceiling fan fixtures fuse the raw character of retro design with modern technology, making them a versatile choice for contemporary and classic motifs. Collections of unique updated classics and timeless reproductions are available in chandeliers, pendants, lanterns and lamp shades made of silks, velvets, heavy damasks along with tapestries and fringes. Bring the classic charm of vintage style to your home with

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 Eastvale 3-Light Chandelier Palladian Bronze EVE5103PN
Restoration Chandeliers
 Redding Station 1-Light Wall Sconce Restoration Bronze OL8600RSZ
Restoration Wall Sconce
 1-Light Sayre Pendant Olde Bronze 42438OZ
Restoration Pendants
 Mirror Lake Dual-Light Vanity Bar Oil Rubbed Bronze L0402-OB-BR
Restoration Bath Lights
 Emery 1-Light Mini Pendant Imperial Silver ER1508IS
Restoration Mini-Pendants
 Chadwick 2-Light Flush Mount Polished nickel 66111-2
Restoration Flush Mounts
 3-Light Fixed Rail Semi-Flush Island Pendant Olde Bronze 7050OZ
Restoration Semi-Flush Mounts
 1-Light Metal Lantern Table Lamp Dark Bronze LS-21455D/BRZ
Restoration Table Lamps
 76" Minuteman Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp Gold and Bronze LS-8550G/BRZ
Restoration Floor Lamps
 Knightsbridge 3-Light Ceiling Fan Aged Bronze EKM52ABZ5LKRCI
Restoration Ceiling Fans
 Santa Barbara Vivex 1-Light Outdoor Ceiling Mount Sienna 40030CDSE
Restoration Outdoor Lights
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