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Posted on May 26, 2014 by Ed | 0 comments

European style lighting has long been admired for grace and elegance which always reflects the homeowner’s sophistication.

Defining European Style Lighting

European style lighting may suggest an elegant room in a grand theater or mysterious castles or even a cozy café in Paris. European style can be distinguished from other styles by its use of elegant curves and defined details and its sometimes ornate form. Many fixtures corporate the use of crystals, beads, scrolls and fleur-de-lis. European style is defined with the use of luxurious materials and meticulous craftsmanship, giving them a richly ornamented and heavy appearance.

The European Style Effect

Good lighting design responds to the needs of a home, and today’s manufacturers of European style lighting fixtures and lamps have been carefully researched for their appeal and function. The Euro lighting style covers a full range of materials from glass to metal, all the while giving any room flair and making it beautiful and inviting. European design lighting offers selections that are great as a main lighting source-adding a bit of romance and Old World charm to any living area. Lighting is capable of evoking many different emotions and today’s European chandeliers, light fixtures and lamps create an atmosphere of beauty and calm, whether modern or classic.

European Style Lighting for Homes

With European lighting covering the range of materials the choice of a European style makes any room beautiful and inviting. European chandeliers are often used in dining rooms and foyers since they offer multi-purpose design. These elegant chandeliers act as a centerpiece to any room and have long been seen as a symbol of prestige. The sleek shape and form of hanging European lamps-known as pendant lamps, quietly add function and beauty to a home. European style lighting is a sure way to perfect any room, adding elegance to a dinner party or everyday gatherings. European style and design has often been admired for its elegance and glamour, and the right lighting choice can truly alter the appearance of your home.

Browse European Light Fixtures by Category

 Fremont 5-Light Chandelier Platinum Dusk 22245WSPD
European Style Chandeliers
 Symphony 1-Light Wall Sconce Oil Rubbed Bronze 11246SVOI
European Style Wall Sconce
 Marcela 2-Light Dual Mount Pendant/Semi-Flush Oiled Bronze 6831-2-86
European Style Pendants
 Rio Salado 1-Light Pendant Toasted Sienna with Mystic Silver 3157-44
European Style Mini-Pendants
 Madeleine 3-Light Bathroom Vanity Strip Corsican Gold 5230-3-88
European Style Bath Lights
 14.75" Cristal de Lisbon Flush Mount Golden Bronze 22222
European Style Flush Mounts
 Monroe 4-Light Semi-Flush Olde Bronze 43168OZ
European Style Semi-Flush Mounts
 Gibson 1-Light Energy Efficient Table Lamp Black Wrought Iron C41185
European Style Table Lamps
 Andra 1-Light Floor Lamp Golden Bronze 28842-1
European Style Floor Lamps
 Heather Triple-Light Kit Mission Copper 380005MCO
European Style Ceiling Fans
 Newbury Vivex 3-Light Outdoor Wall Mount Oriental Bronze 40124CDOB
European Style Outdoor Lights
Dale Tiffany Pebblestone Accent Lamp Antique Golden Sand TA90228
European Style Accent Lamps
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