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Blog - Style Alert - Echelon Collection

Style Alert - Echelon Collection

Posted on July 02, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments

If you are looking to amp the sophistication of any room in your home, picking one from the Echelon Collection should be something that you should consider. Composed of elegant pendants and chandeliers, these pieces boast of an interesting fusion of style and texture with its use of multiple light layers and shades. These are transitional light fixtures that are adorned with geometric-shaped crystals, gracefully reflecting light to various areas of the room. The collection is made up of two groups: the Bride Collection and the Groom Collection.

The Bride Lighting Collection feature a sheer and pleated translucent shade is reminiscent to that of a bride’s veil, thus the name. This decorative lighting takes a feminine sense with such a design that allows light to stunningly shimmer from it.

The Groom Lighting Collection exudes sultry and sophistication with its black silken tuxedo shade. With its polished chrome finish, the pieces in this collection give off an androgynous image that adds subtle radiance to its chic and modern style.

A choice of the white and translucent and the black and silken – this is what the Echelon Collection has in store for you. But whatever your choice may be, you are assured of unparalleled beauty and charm, wherever you choose to place them. They would make for perfect accent pieces in stores, spas, and hotels but you can also most definitely install them in any part of your home – from your dining room to your bedroom to even your bathroom. Their pieces for your bathroom vanities, though, only come in Bridal Veil glass.

The Echelon Collection gives you a chance to bring in refined poise and elegance in any part of your home without the need to break the bank. With its chic and trendy style, this is definitely one collection that tops our list!

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