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Blog - Why Twist Pleat Lampshades?

Why Twist Pleat Lampshades?

Posted on June 16, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments

One of the biggest trends in lamp shades today is the twist pleat. These kinds of shades are made up of fabric that is spun and folded around a shade to create a somewhat pleated look, reminiscent to that of an elegant gown.

One of the things that make them very different yet favorable among many of today’s contemporary homeowners is their added texture and personality. They are not merely colored canvases that have been painted on. And because they are mostly made with delicate and stylish fabric, twist pleats will dress those shades well to make them more pleasing to the eye.

Bring out the girly-girl in your living space with the Chelsea Mauve Faux Silk Chandelier Bell Shade. Made from all-faux silk material, this shade will add a mauve finish and traditional feel into any existing lamp and uplift the entire room. Its soft and light color is not something that will be too daunting but still possess features that will make it the center of attention.

For that necessary pop in color, the Classic Red Faux Silk Bell Shade would be the perfect shade to equip your lamp with. With the stunning red finish of its all-faux silk material, your refurbished lamp shade will be the focal point of your space and would even make for a great conversation piece. It will also make for a great contrast to the plain color scheme that your space is currently sporting.

The Chelsea Mauve Faux Silk Chandelier Bell Shade and the Classic Red Faux Silk Bell Shade, along with a few more twist pleat colors like Classic Cream, Chelsea Sage, Classic Vanilla, and Classic Black, are all from the classic line of shades from well-renowned furniture designer Laura Ashley.

Laura Ashley is one of the best designers that manufacture these kinds of shades, along with lamps and other light fixtures. What started out as a mere act of printing fabric on their kitchen table back in the year 1953 has turned into something phenomenal in the realm of home decor and furnishing, now offering a wide range of product lines that bear beautiful designs and finishes.

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Instantly add style and personality to your home with stylecraft

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Blog - Instantly add style and personality to your home with stylecraft

The StyleCraft Home Collection was established in 1968, and started out as a small regional lamp company. Today, it now serves international markets with its customers coming from across the globe, all the while managing retail chains across America. They offer lighting, mirrors, wall décor, decorative furniture and accessories to their customers. They create framed art and mirrors in the United States and import product from overseas.

Superior product design combined with moderate price points has been the key to the long term success of the StyleCraft Home Collection. Their customers have long described the company as one that offers “great styling at a great price.” Their range of products is perfect for the modern, style-savvy customer who is looking for decorative pieces to add style to their homes without spending much. Check out a couple of their offerings below.

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Picinae Studios: Highlighting the Natural Beauty of Wood

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Picinae Studios specializes in creating infinite design possibilities using the natural characteristics of wood. Their designs highlight the natural beauty of wood, and create an artistic appeal that complements other fine surroundings. Each piece that’s made is numbered and signed, giving it its own identity with its own unique wood color and grains. They are cut free-hand, and highly polished to add depth, clarity and tactile quality.

The woods are selected for their color, grain and natural properties like durability, malleability, hardness and weight. Most of the woods come from local mills in North America, like Maple, Cherry and Black Walnut. Other woods used are Bocote, Morado, Ebonies and Cocobolo.

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LED Tape Lighting Techniques

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Maxim Lighting & ET2 Contemporary Lighting, industry leaders in LED technology, are turning wasted space into wow features with the latest LED tape lighting tools. StarStrand LED tape, available in a wide range of color temperatures from a warm golden glow to sparkling white light, provides new opportunities for lighting small spaces, once inaccessible by traditional bulb technology. 

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Vivex Outdoor Light Fixtures

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Outdoor lighting for extreme climates has a weatherproof new stylish alternative to stainless steel and clunky resin. Vivex ™, a new technology and material by Maxim Lighting and ET2 Contemporary Lighting, withstands the wrath of Mother Nature from coastal to desert conditions.

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Avoid these Decorating Mistakes

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Blog - Avoid these Decorating Mistakes
Let’s just be honest with each other. It isn’t as easy as the designers and decorators make it look on our favorite shows. Putting together the perfect room, one that you love and love to show off, isn’t a quick project. But it can be fun and rewarding if you remember one simple thing- everyone makes mistakes (even the professionals). However, if you pay attention to these most commonly made mistakes you are already steps ahead of the game.

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Lite Source InstaGlam

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Has Lite Source just created the easiest room makeover ever? Just flip a switch! The glamour and elegance of yesteryear is back in our fashion, our art, and now even our homes. The time has come to jump on this hot trend and add a touch of glitz and a dash of flash to your home - in two words: crystal and chrome.

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Add Bling to Your Home

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Blog - Add Bling to Your Home

The Spring BLING is in and the trend is fixtures with crystal accents that take the light and amplify and intensify it to really turn your home into a showplace.

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Bring the Bar Into Your Home

Posted on October 13, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Bring the Bar Into Your Home

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you simply enjoy throwing home parties every week, it would probably be a good idea to create a great environment in your home for your wine tasting sessions or rendezvous events for your friends. And there is nothing more appropriate than getting your own wine bar.

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Lighting Tips for Seniors

Posted on October 02, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Lighting Tips for Seniors

It takes a significant amount of change when a senior member of the family moves in with you. Requirements for 60-70 year olds may change the entire architecture of the house, or will certainly lead to some fine tuning. Examples are placing ramps, grab bars and many more. One critical aspect, often overlooked, is the importance of lighting for aging eyes.

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Rustic Look Barn Lights

Posted on September 23, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Rustic Look Barn Lights

Barn lights originated in outdoor lighting applications and featured an industrial look and feel. The term barn lighting was used to describe lights that were attached to a garage. Today, barn style light manufacturers have included a variety of designs, finishes, and applications.

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Awesome Retro Pendants

Posted on September 19, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Awesome Retro Pendants

The trends in bringing back the restoration style of the 50’s are matched by the comeback of light fixture designs of the 60’s. Interior design nowadays just has lots of modern and old-fashioned options to suit most every taste. Retro pendants are making a huge comeback.

Pendant lights are also known as drops or suspenders. These hanging lights can immediately add life to an otherwise boring space. Pendant lights are generally used for their decorative aspects. They just look great installed in rows or placed individually in certain spots in your home. Additionally, they not only give your living space a facelift, they also provide useful illumination.

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Lighting for Students

Posted on September 03, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Lighting for Students

A student’s work space can be a simple study table with a comfortable chair, or in many cases, wherever. This means that this work space is a vital part of any student’s life. Now, a work table with scratch paper, pens, pencils, erasers and other items is still incomplete without proper lighting. The right lighting fixture can make a student’s study time more productive and pleasurable.

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Bring the Beach Into Your Home

Posted on August 21, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Bring the Beach Into Your Home

Now, if you are one of those who don’t live anywhere in plain sight of a beach or even a few minute’s drive away, you can bring in the coast to your home. Yes, with décor that reflects the beauty and calmness of the beach, you can somehow get the feeling of being in the beach without having to exert too much effort to get somewhere sandy.

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The Home Makeover Hero

Posted on August 09, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - The Home Makeover Hero
Hey guys, you know that if Mama's happy, everyone is happy. Watch this quick video to see the secret to a happy marriage. You want your home to look its best. Sure maybe you are thinking resale value, but the little lady wants it comfortable and attractive so you all can enjoy it now. You can both win with a lighting makeover. LampsUSA is here to help. With our helpful lighting pros ready with advise and guidance. We also have installation tips and videos. So let's get started! 

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Discover HGTV Lamps

Posted on July 07, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Discover HGTV Lamps

With HGTV's passion to make every living space as beautiful and livable as it possibly can, they have released their own line of stylish lamps in the form of table lamps, accent lamps and floor lamps to adorn any part of the home. Developed with ELK Lighting, HGTV placed into full potential their knowledge and experience and gave birth to lamps that will surely not disappoint.

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Feiss - A 'Kiss' of Style

Posted on July 05, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Feiss - A 'Kiss' of Style

A great fusion of contemporary and retro design, the Beso Collection promises to give your space the twist that it needs to make it more interesting. The Italian word for “kiss”, the name of the collection was inspired a famous chocolate company that makes sweet "kiss" treats.

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Bring Quoizel Into Your Home

Posted on June 25, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Bring Quoizel Into Your Home

Quoizel is more than just a manufacturer of lighting and home accessories; they are a company that makes timeless pieces that have been designed with high regard to the consumer. Quoizel avoids trends and fads, opting to thoughtfully put their focus on the form and function of their products.

Quoizel lamps have a good mix of modern appeal and traditional style with their warm and earthy finish. They feature a modern brushed nickel finish, showcasing its traditional style.

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Attention International Shoppers!

Posted on June 16, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Attention International Shoppers!

If you are purchasing a light for use outside the United States, please consult with a local electrician for advice on how to adapt US lighting for local use. For plug-in portable lamps, often a transformer plug adaptor is sufficient, but some lamps need re-wiring.

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HGTV Lamp Trends

Posted on June 01, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - HGTV Lamp Trends

Liven up your room with the style and elegance that the lamps from HGTV will most definitely give you. As a cable- television channel, they have remained to be on top when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and crazes in high quality home design and furnishing. With such a reputation, you are assured that you will not be disappointed with their lamp offerings.

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Design Your Own Lamp

Posted on May 21, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Design Your Own Lamp

Dolan Designs gives you the freedom to make your own lamp in just three basic and simple steps: choose a base, choose a shade, and choose a lamp. They offer a wide array of choices that will allow you to mix and match lamp shades and lamp bases of varying colors, styles, and finishes. Dolan Designs offers two sizes of lamps: petite and full-size.

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Laura Ashley Lampshades

Posted on May 16, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Laura Ashley Lampshades

Since 1953, Laura Ashley has grown into an empire that specializes in lifestyle home wear and soft home furnishings. Her collection allows you to give that one final touch to mirrors, rugs, cushions, throws, and, of course, lamps.

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Color Changing 'Mood' Lamps

Posted on May 11, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Color Changing 'Mood' Lamps

The Cicely floor lamp has a built-in LED night light feature that you can switch from the colors red, blue, and green.

Lamps are not only great fixtures to give illumination to your living space, they can also serve as décor to add life and personality to the area. In all these years, so many innovations have been endowed to the humble lamp to up its functionality and style.

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Light Therapy for Happiness

Posted on April 23, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Light Therapy for Happiness

Bet you never knew that light could change the way you felt about things. It’s actually a scientifically proven fact; light affects the release of hormones in your body, mainly those that control your sleep-wake cycle, which is why it’s a lot easier to fall asleep with the lights off.

More importantly, light can also have some bearing on your mood. In fact, lack of regular exposure to sunlight has been known to lead to seasonal affective disorder, a condition characterized by depression and mood swings. It is also linked to why many suicides take place in the winter months, when people tend to be cooped up indoors.

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Kitchen Lighting for Safety

Posted on April 17, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Kitchen Lighting for Safety

Sure, it might sound like a long shot, but millions of people every year accidentally cut themselves in the kitchen. While there’s nothing we can do about genetic clumsiness, improving lighting conditions in your kitchen can save you the trouble of having to go through life with one (maybe even more) finger less.

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Ceiling Fan Tips

Posted on April 03, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Ceiling Fan Tips

Looking to buy a new ceiling fan? The fortunate thing is, there’s a lot of good ones out there to choose from. Lots of ceiling fan companies rely on unique styles, catchy designs and added features to market their ceiling fans. With all the different models to choose from, here are a couple of tips to help you make the right decision.

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Light Therapy Health Benefits

Posted on March 28, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Light Therapy Health Benefits

Light therapy uses bright light to motivate natural processes within the body that are restricted due to lack of light. The effective amount of light output used for light therapy should be a minimum of 10,000 lux at a distance of 12" from the light source. There is also a belief that 5,000 lux over a longer period may yield similar results.

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Crystal Accents Add the Glam

Posted on March 23, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Crystal Accents Add the Glam

Crystal accents are simple additions to traditional lighting fixtures. They introduce a novel touch to lighting styles, as well as understated elegance and sophistication to a room.

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Family Room Lighting Tips

Posted on March 12, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Family Room Lighting Tips
Plenty of activities usually take place in a family room, and finding the right type of lighting to go with the different needs of each family member can be challenging. On the plus side, knowing just which type of lighting fixture to use for which activity helps, as well as being able to blend these types of lighting components together for a pleasant overall effect.

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6 Colors that Shine!

Posted on March 07, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - 6 Colors that Shine!

A makeover can be an exciting endeavor that unleashes all of your latent creativity. Whether you’re planning on renovating a bedroom, living room, or maybe your bathroom, one of your key considerations is the color you use to highlight certain areas. Even a slight change in the hues of your walls can mean a significant change.

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Light Charms & Finials

Posted on March 03, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Light Charms & Finials
If you have an outdated lamp sitting in your attic, there's a lot more you can do with it than simply put it up at a garage sale. Lamps and chandeliers in themselves are already strong focal sources of beauty. If you know how to make use of lighting fixtures to your advantage, your home should look absolutely amazing, most especially when the lights are turned on. However, even the lighting fixtures themselves need to be fixed up once in a while. As time passes, the lamp designs in your home slowly fall out of style, or lose the extra sparkle they used to have when you first got them. Crystal accents slowly fall off, and vibrant lampshade colors eventually fade. Of course, replacing all the lighting fixtures in your home can be extremely expensive, not to mention highly impractical.

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LED Lighting Solutions

Posted on February 28, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - LED Lighting Solutions

Don’t know what LED lights are for? You should. Aside from providing extremely effective lighting, LED lights are great for when you’re trying to cut down on electric bills. Combining both high-tech efficiency and energy-saving features, LED lighting is the way to go these days.

While incandescent lights have brightened our homes for years, LED lights are beginning to replace them as more environmentally feasible lighting alternatives. In addition to home lighting, LED lights are also making their way into vehicle use, and night vision. They play an important role in artistic use, as LED lights can come in all colours without compromising light quality.

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Why Stand Up at Work?

Posted on February 24, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - Why Stand Up at Work?
Experts say that simply standing for an hour can help you burn up to 280 calories. When calculated on a larger scale, you can actually lose up to 20 pounds a year from standing and moving about after periodic sitting. On top of that, many individuals report that they have an improved sense of well-being and feeling healthy after walking around for a few minutes in the middle of a busy work day.

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2012 Year of the Remodel

Posted on February 14, 2012 by LampsUSA Experts | 0 comments
Blog - 2012 Year of the Remodel
2012 is all about makeovers, and the lighting industry is no exception. Lighting is an effective tool for creating striking decorative effects; multiple lighting layers have been proven to help you maximize the cosmetic potential in a house by making it appear more spacious than it really is.There are usually two common reasons that prompt people to go for a remodelling job: one, they don’t like the way things look, and two, the layout of the place is no longer efficient. You might be surprised how much a simple change of lighting or bright bursts of color can usually fix whatever is wrong with the look of a room

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