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How to buy an Accent Lamp

Discover the secret your designer may not want you to know about: artwork looks 100% better with a little accent light focused on it. With the correct kind of lamp, what used to be an overlooked piece in your living area is transformed to become the central point. The subtle light that such lamps emit is perfect in highlighting key objects or focal areas in the room.

Besides just providing a beam of focal light, accent lamps can also look pretty as decorative pieces. Most of them come with decorative details so they already serve as a piece of decor to add beauty to your space. You just have to pick the right one for you specific need and purpose and you should be good to go.

3 Main Considerations in Shopping for Accent Lamps

Aside from emphasizing a certain object or area in your space, accent lamps can also set the mood of the room. This will depend on the design as well as the kind of light that it emits. Here are three tips to help you narrow down your choices when shopping for accent lamps.

1. Style

Just like all the other lamps, accent lamps come in a wide array of colors and styles. In considering this aspect, you need to come up with a strong statement of your individual style. You can mix and match the style to create something that is uniquely your own, whatever your preferences are.

2. Power Efficiency

You might think that any wattage will do since you will only be using it more of a decoration rather than a functional piece. However, you also need to ensure that the lamp emits adequate amounts of light, particularly if you are planning to highlight a particular object.

3. Dimension

This aspect is especially important if you will use the lamp as a piece of décor. Choosing something that is too small might overpower all the other elements in the room. On the other hand, purchasing something that is too small might defeat the purpose of having an accent lamp in the first place.

Tiffany Accent Lamps Style
Traditional Accent Lamps Style

Contemporary Accent Lamps Style
Art Glass Accent Lamps Style

3 Most Common Accent Lighting Fixtures

There might be so many kinds of accent lighting in the market today but three of them have stood out from among the growing pack.

1. Accent Track Lighting. This is considered to be the most flexible among all the other kinds. These lights can be positioned practically anywhere and them manipulated so that it is aimed in the desired direction. This can used along with other light sources such as lamps and sconces.
2. Accent Recessed Lighting. Such lighting fixture blends into its surroundings. They are mostly installed in areas where they are somehow hidden such as under cabinets, within bookshelves, or in ceilings.
3. Wall-mounted Accent Lighting. These lights are directly attached to a wall or other similar surface. They can also be positioned above or below the frame of a hanging.

Outdoor Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is not only something that can be used inside the confines of your home. There are outdoor light fixtures that can be used outdoors and help accent plants and statues or even just set the mood of the environment. Here are some forms:

Halogen Accent Lights. These emit a strong and while light, making it a good fixture to highlight or spotlight objects.
• Accent Fiber Optics. They are the ones that are perfect for illuminating paths and stairs as well as water features like pools and ponds.
Accent Metal Halides. These let out a soft glow of light which makes them sufficient to light small areas in a subtle manner.
Accent LED Lights. These are energy-sufficient and longer-lasting, two of the top reasons they have grown to be favored above all the others. They are also flexible in various lighting situations and fixtures.
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5 Accent Lighting Trends for 2012

Trends come and go. Accent lights are no exception. This year, the in vogue lighting fixtures are those that meet today’s consumer demands of functionality and aesthetics.

• Simplicity Accent Lighting. With the current economy, homeowners are choosing quality above quantity. As a result, lighting designs take on a much simplified style with gentle curving frames, handcrafted accents, and etched glass shades.
Metal Finishes Accent Lighting. The calm and cool look of metals is very popular in today’s interior designs. The most popular are nickel and bronze.
Transitional Accent Lighting. This year’s lights are both pleasing and flexible. One of the innovations geared for this trend is the wall or ceiling mount options.
Energy-Efficient Accent Lighting. Lighting makes up 11 percent of an average American family’s energy consumption, giving way to energy-efficient fixtures.
• Layered Accent Lighting. The use of layers gives the space a warm and inviting feel. Dimmers are becoming more and more popular as homeowners enjoy the benefits of being able to control light levels.

Accent lighting is more than just a piece of décor; it brings about so many benefits. It can highlight your favorite piece without the need to spend too much for all other fancy lighting; it can allow you to showcase your individuality by choosing looks and designs that reflect you and your style; and finally, sets the mood of any room in the way that you exactly want to.

Steve Brielmaier – Lighting and Lamp Design  
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